AVDHOOT SHIVANAND, the only living Advait Sri Vidya Master in the world will personally impart the knowledge of and initiation into Advait Sri Vidya. This ancient, secret and esoteric sadhna which was taught to a few chosen disciples is now being openly taught for the benefit of humanity. This is a FREE event which is open to all, but prior registration is must.

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Shiv Yog aims towards achieving total health of the body, mind and emotions with various powerful modalities practiced by the ancient Indian Yogis. When humans finally know that every possibility for every achievement is in their very own hands, one learns the art of creating their own destiny. It is truly then that the human actually has begun living. ShivYog activates these subtle dormant human faculties through Kundalini awakening and then provides a series of powerful tools with which one then practices regularly that helps in the annihilation of negative karma and creation of positive karma. This brings in the true transformation that leads to health, peace, happiness, contentment, abundance and purpose in life.

Create your own destiny

Healing mind, body & emotions

Success in daily life

Power of intentions & emotions

How foods affect your life


ShivYog Farming was introduced in 2014 to help farmers heal their crops and cattle and thus bring a revolutionary divinity into not only the food the farmers produce, but also in enhancing the life-force energy by nullyfying the harmful effects of toxic chemicals in food.  This free project of Zero-Cost farming is offered to the poor farmers in almost all states of India leaving behind thousands of happy farmers, who are also taught how to create abundance and health in their lives. ShivYog Farming aims towards healthy food, healthy citizens and healthy nations. All that it takes is a 30-minutes daily practice of a certain meditation method that comes gifted from the tradition of Ancient Indian ShivYogis.

What is ShivYog Krishi

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Lakhs of people around the globe have experienced and transformed their lives. Most of them come forward to share their experiences that become the source of inspiration for the rest of the world, thus helping each other in building confidence and a positive surge of dynamism and divinity to the ones they touch. PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE SHARE THEIR VIDEO EXPERIENCES ~

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ShivYog Forums are the powerful network spread throughout India across all states to help all the like-minded positive achievers to come together and stay together. Every week, at these forums, all learn together, celebrate together, meditate together. The weekly 2-hour practices done at these forums ensure that all negativities accumulated in the daily lives are cleansed at physical, mental and emotional levels and get charged up for the coming week. This has massively helped every forum member live a healthy, stress-free and positive life. The best part is that almost every Indian state have ShivYog Forums. So, to join, all you need to do is, visit the forum website and search your closest forum and join. 

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