To experience God, be like a child

So says the Master……

I will tell you some incident from my meditation period, because every tree emerges out of a seed. I have also travelled that journey. I was also a seed at one point of time. A seed with limitations, full of ego, limited thinking, limited desires. I had also been stuck with those limitations and used to follow the worldly desires. When I used to meditate at that age, sometimes I had the feeling that I have been caged or am walking but cannot see the path further. And I used to get up in fear, thinking what this fear is all about. Then I asked my Guru to please guide me about whether those incidents are from a past life or from this present one. Actually at one point, we attain a level where there is no past. Everything remains present. The state of jatisimran (recollection of previous births) is the state of present.  In many religions it is believed that there is no past life and this is also true. In a sense, we can say both yes and no. Both are right.

So what happens is, the present is the result of karmas done in a past life. Due to those karmas, I was getting stuck in the present which was not good for me and the mirage I was trying to follow could have harmed me in the future. I used to see that during my meditation. That I am being stuck, caged. But when I learned to witness everything, I realized that I was stagnating with my karmas and desires. When we remain concerned about our body and be egoistic, we remain selfish. We remain concerned about public relations, try to meet famous people and avoid meeting common people. So till we remain unaware about these things, behave selfishly, we often feel being stuck. When I realized that where am I getting stuck and I have to avoid this, I started observing my every action, thought, word and then I realized that fear has disappeared because whatever is happening with you is your creation. It has been said in Upanishads, that ‘this is you who create and only you have to face it’ (man hi karta, man hi bhogta). I have realized it in my journey of meditation. I want to make you understand that if you have fear of losing something then must remember that whatever you are destined, for only that much you will get. Now anyone can say that then, ‘Babaji why should I meditate, if everything is predetermined?’ By luck or fortune I mean whatever you have created in your past (Prarabdh). If you have created less then you will get less and if you want more you have to increase meditation and selefless service (nishkaamsewa). The more you indulge in charity, put one share of your earning for good causes and the more you meditate, you achieve the destiny of a good quality. Sometimes people try to manipulate and want earn extra by tricks. But remember that the extra you earn or receive is not because of your manipulation but because of your fortune (Prarabdh). This is something you are destined for but the means you utilize to get that extra or the manipulation that you did, make you aculprit. Your intention made you a culprit. Therefore always ask God whatever comes to you comes through positive means.

Nothing comes through negative means nor do you remain indebted to anyone.  When people think that they have accumulated profit because of their wisdom or tricks, actually it is not because of your skills but because of your fortune, you were destined for it. But because of your wrong intention you became indebted and have accumulated a bad karma. And that bad karma creates hurdles. Therefore a lot of emphasis is given on pure intention, in Shivyog. If you have to become aShivyogi, then the first step is pure intention. Whatever you do you should have pure intention behind it. What is this which caused impurity?These five elements (desire, anger, attachment, greed and ego) caused impurity in the intention. If you have impure intention then you will have feeling of greed, ego, hatred or anger. And if these feelings arise in you, it means that you have activated your bad karmas and that become your indulgent destiny (Prarabdhbhog). So do not activate your bad karmas. If you do that it will create problem for you. So do not allow any such feeling to come into your mind. In Shivyog, it is said that you can reach the God Shiva easily if you become simple like a child. Those who become like a child can easily attain god Shiva and those who try to be oversmart cannot achieve God ever. Therefore always remember that you must have pure intention! May all be blessed (LokaSamastaSukhinoBhavantu)! Our sages said that this idea/ intention is the real wealth that we have. Because it is nature’s law that whatever you give to others, comes back to you manifold. So if you have the feeling of all being blessed, then you will receive the happiness from the whole universe. But if you act being selfish, then you will face problems and you will not be able to see the reason for that. Therefore make it the principle of your life. Always do self-analysis before you go to sleep every day. And never sleep in sadness. Be happy before you go to sleep!


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    Sunita Sultania says

    Name Shiva, My gurus each word is correct. May Guru give me strength to follow the path he shows to us.

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