Sri Vidya Saptshati on Saturday nights

ShivYog: Sri Vidya Saptashati on Saturday nights
Live online
The Durga Saptashati is considered a sacred and powerful text of 13 chapters that were brought to saadhaks with the Grace of Maa Durga and the blessings of our Guru, Param Pujya Avdhoot Shivanand ji.
Over the years lakhs of saadhaks have received meditated with ShivYog Durga Saptashati and transformed their lives, by healing family issues, invoking peace, harmony and abundance and clearing past karma.
If you have experienced it, you already know.
The 700 beej mantras have become the most sacred and empowering of saadhnas, especially in these times of more chaos, more stress and more challenges than ever before. Despite this, Shivyogis who meditate with the sacred book appear radiant and joyful. They manage to accomplish all that they intend. They attract and radiate healing energy wherever they go. They always live in gratitude That is the magic of Durga Saptashati.
These beej mantras have now been given a ‘turbo charge’ by Babaji  and He is inviting you to meditate with the all-encompassing, all-powerful, all-giving and abundance-filled SriVidya Saptashati with Him, every Saturday Live, online between 9 p.m and 11 p.m IST.
When the student is ready,
The teacher appears
This Buddhist saying is  a 100% true of SHivYog. The teacher is here and waiting, if you as student are ready to receive the blessings He has for you.
Every Saturday at 9 p.m, log on to: www.srividya.live and experience the Sri Vidya Saptashati with Babaji.
Allow the all-encompassing and healing beej mantras to enter your life and transform it into unimaginable magic.


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    Neetika says

    Pls share the details of events in Delhi and NCR

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    Namha shivay I have can’t reach the live streaming srividhya saptahati.
    How to watch live program in every Saturday.

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    Rishabh says

    Namah shivaye,
    Can I recite sri vidya saptsati 3 times in a day like dss..??

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    I want to know more.about Shiv yog.which shiver I should attend? To whom I can contact in Jaipur?
    Name. Mob.no. reqd

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      ShivYog says

      Namah Shivay

      Please visit our official website: shivyogindiaevents.com

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    Puneet Mishra says

    Dear sir ,

    i am much interested to lean in god …please give me way to get in ….

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    Miral Ladwa says

    Is there different book for shree Vidya Saptsati? Where we can get book?

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    jatinder kumar says

    i want attend the shiver

  8. Reply
    Rajesh says

    sir i want join shiv yog ..but how

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    Bonita Mahapatra says

    Namah shivya Gurudev.mai you tube pe aapke speech dekti hoon or man ko kafi Santi lagti hai.mai Shri Vidya se judna chahti hoon .iske liye Mai Kya karu mujhe kripya batlaya.mera ek 15yrs ka beta Hai Jo Cp Hai wo totly mere pe dependent Hai is liye Mera kahi Jana muskil Hai to Kya ye possible Hai ki Mai gher see hi Judy paw.mai Shri shivanan ji se dixcha Lena bhi chati hoon . please help me.

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    Bibhuti mahana says

    Thank you babaji.. Namah shivaya

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    Anjana says

    Namah Shivay , guruji , amp Himachal me shivir kab lagayenge ?

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    Anjana says

    I want to attend Shivyog shivir at Ludhiana. Shambhavi and Shrividya both in December 2017 please

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    Prakash Mishra says

    Namah Shivaya Baba ji. Srividya Shaptashati for us is the Direct blessings of Maa Lalita Tripur Sundari which is capable of changing the lives in a fraction of second. We are proud and thankful to You Baba ji, Our beloved Gurudev has been giving us the best of the spiritual experience of Infinite dimension and the most secret and sacred power and wisdom to His children in this 3rd dimension out of Love Which only you on this planet is capable of giving Baba ji.We must have had many Punya in our lives that an Siddha Avdhoot as our Gurudev has appeared before us to connect to the divinity and Divine blessings. Baba ji , I Love you so much.Namah Shivaya.

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    Suman singh says

    Durga shaptshati

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    Praveena chandrasekar says

    I wish to join in your Saturday night Sri Vidya sapthsathi.

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    Ruby Biimoria says

    WANT TO register for the katraj ashram five day programe. PLEASE SEND ONLINE DETAILS.

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    Seema Baveja says

    Namah shivaya

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    Seema Baveja says

    Want to join Saturday Sadhna

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