Babaji supports animals as he sees them as the dumb living beings that are living their live of bhog to fulfil their karmic fruits. He thus looks at them with equal love and care wanting to feed them at a given opportunity. He looks upon the cows as sacred because cows are animals with evolved consciousness that are ready to take human birth after their ends and Babaji stresses enough that the human life is something which every form of life long to experience including the Gods and spiritual beings of different realms. This is because it is only through the human life that one can chose to ascend towards liberation and the human life is gifted to the soul as the results of immeasurable good deeds of previous lifetimes. Thus, the cow is considered sacred as it precedes human birth.

Babaji and Guruma got together and created a very large and free space of open land with no dearth of fodder or green grass in Alwar, Rajasthan. Here hundreds of cows were sent that were found in pitiable conditions or risked ending up in slaughter houses. Within weeks, their health improved as they grazed in total freedom and security. Their gratitude and compassionate action can be noticed when they rush towards Babaji to be in His company, whenever he visits this place. Guruma and Ishan ji frequently visits this place and takes care of it’s overall functions.

Also, whenever Babaji goes to any place, he loves feeding the dogs, monkey, birds, etc and can be seen sharing eatables with them. It can be noticed how comfortable the animals and birds are in His presence. Recently, Babaji bought dozens of bird cages with hundreds of birds in bonded in cages in captivity and got them released in the Lucknow ashram. He encouraged that such acts should be done but asked to ensure that they are taken well care off and fed well before they are released as they should be fit enough to take care of themselves, especially after having become addicted to captivity and insecure to fly freely in the open world.