The fundamental quest of all human beings including all Siddhas & Tirthankaras has been to know the Ultimate truth – “Why do I EXIST ?” What is the main purpose of my being, of my existence?

fbevents-aosrThe word for Sakshatkar in English is inter-view & Atamshakshatkar is inter-view–of–my own self that is viewing our own internal self. This is the realisation of the Self. The process of knowing our own Real Self is the process of Shiv Yog. When I realize who I am. What I am. My infinite powers. Thus, knowing what is the aim of my birth as a human being. Then we become aware of the ultimate truth and reach to the state of awakened awareness. This state is the state of Oneness. There is no fragmentation, there is no duality. There is only – the ONE – the Infinite.

The medium we have been blessed with is our physical body. “Bade bhaag manushya tan paava.” When we completely recognize our body and the mind then we come closer to our own Self. As a lotus blossoms in dirt and yet not a single drop touches it, in the same way we blossom with purity and holiness while residing in this very world.

We are dependent upon five senses to feel and experience God’s Nature. But the reality is this that we don’t use our senses fully. Every human being is in sleep mode. He is lost. He is not focused. He is living a vague life. That is why he uses only 4% of his mind and only 3% of his DNA is activated. His consciousness remains unawakened.

The main purpose of our body is to maintain the continuous flow of the stream of the life force energy. We are the purest of the purest soul, much beyond all the hatred, all the anger, all the avarice, all the feelings of limitations, all the fear, all the sorrow, all the happiness, and everything we are – the PURE soul. The moment we achieve this divine illumination the inner voice echoes – “I am the Self, I am Parbraham, the Absolute. I am God, I am Shiva, I am the Creator.”

Till the time we are on this planet earth, our consciousness is outward and our inner power is inactive. Our awareness is extrinsic and not intrinsic. We are cognizant of our sole existence. As our individual consciousness grows with our spiritual evolution we start moving towards the Infinite Oneness and we realize that “I” am not an individual but the Shiva Consciousness.

Realising that state of ultimate bliss of union with God consciousness is self-realization.