The aim of all Shivyog practices are specially aimed at bringing an overall transformation in all areas of one’s life. Aims at uplifting one’s life conditions in all areas of health, wealth, success, relationships and at the same time helping one go deep within into states of turiya and samadhi. It practically makes on  yogi and a bhogi. Babaji never advocates leaving one’s worldly responsibilities and taking refuge in forests or hills but rather He says one must learn to become a renunciate from within but yet fulfilling one’s duties because it is for these responsibilities itself that one takes human birth without fulfillment of which one cannot attain liberation. So, as one is attending to the responsibilities and duties of earthly life, one becomes detached from within. Thus one lives in the material world enjoying material comforts, which also are manifestations of the divine, but without getting attached or stuck with anything, living in a nonreactive state.  All sadhanas help burn and dissolve karma’s thus helping one ascend further spiritually bestowed with the blessing of bhoga and moksha.

Key benefits of ShivYog practices:

  • Heals the 12 houses of horoscope to bring good luck and removal of obstacles.
  • Happier relationships within family and friends removal of blockages and healing of studies, career, court case and situations at home, college or work place.
  • Relief from various Dosha (Pitra, Dev, Bhumi, Guru, Kaal Sarpa, etc)
  • Helps pitra (ancestors), who are stuck in lower dimensions or not received liberation, to reach the highest dimension of afterlife. As they ascend from the lower dimension to the higher dimension individuals and family problems connected with Pitra Dosha get healed.
  • Rectification of Vaastu of home, shop, factory or office with the help of yantras and Sanjeevani Shakti.
  • Quicker materialization of positive desires with the help of sacred Shree Vidya Sadhna.
  • Chakra and Kundalini Activation leading to faster spiritual progress.
  • Helps lead a balanced life and enjoy all the pleasures of life while moving steadily towards self realization.

The physiological benefits of ShivYog practices:
1.    Increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
2.    Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
3.    Decreases muscle tension.
4.    Helps in chronic ailments like allergies, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, etc.
5.    Reduces pre-menstrual issues.
6.    Aids in healing from injuries, post-operation, etc.
7.    Enhances the immune system.
8.    Enhances energy, strength and vigor.
9.    Decreases the aging process.
10.  Helps in pain management.
11.  Harmonizes the endocrine system.

Psychological benefits of ShivYog practices:
1.    Builds self-confidence.
2.    Helps in resolving phobias & fears.
3.    Increases creativity.
4.    Improves focus, concentration, learning ability and memory.
5.    Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
6.    Increased emotional stability.
7.    Improved relationships.
8.    Helps to let go of bad habits, addiction and negative life patterns.
9.    Develops intuition.
10.    Increased Productivity.
11.    Develop will power.
12.    Helps maintain a stable and calm attitude to reactive situations.
13.    Increased capacity for intimate contact with loved ones.
14.    Reduced aggressiveness.
15.    Reduces need and dependency on drugs and medicine.
16.    Reduces sleep requirements and fatigue.
17.    Reduces worry and anxiety.
18.    More balanced personality and outlook to life.

Spiritual benefits of ShivYog practices:
1.    Increased inner peace.
2.    Increased ability to connect deeper.
3.    Increased peace of mind and happiness.
4.    Helps you discover the purpose of life and soul agenda.
5.    Faster spiritual growth.
6.    Intuitive wisdom.
7.    Deeper understanding of oneself and others.
8.    Deeper bond with the Divine.
9.    Harmonized body, mind and spirit.
10.    Helps living in the present moment.
11.    Helps identify one’s negative aspects and release them.
12.    Increased level of acceptance of others the way they are.
13.    Increased tolerance and ability to forgive.
14.    Develops unconditional love.
15.    Speedy progress to self-realization.