GuruMa joins the ShivYog team in their service activities

It was an icy windy morning of the Christmas eve, while the ShivYog team of Alwar, Rajasthan, were preparing for their usual seva activities under the ShivYog ashram regular charity services. The team had been regularly helping the people standing in the long queues at the bank ATMs by supplying free mineral...

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The importance of purity of intentions

Whatever you may be doing, the intention behind must be pure. If one is trained in purity of emotions, then you will have nothing to fear. You will be “cool”, as they say. Intention has to be very pure. For that one must be happy not just with one’s own happiness...

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ShivYog MahaShivPuran Comic ~ launched!

BABA JI & GURU MA LAUNCH SHIV MAHAPURAN COMIC BY ISHAN JI, EXCITEMENT ALL AROUND Namah shivay! Unveiling a master scripture put in a masterpiece by Acharya Ishan Shivanand, Baba ji on Saturday emphasised the need for making spiritual values palatable and interesting to youth and children. The Siddha made...

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Live like a Lotus

Live like a lotus while living in the world. This is why out of all hermits, the householder Sages are the most powerful Sages. It is because while living in the family, he is experiencing everything practically. If he feels bad about something, he has the opportunities of turning it into...

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Babaji in Navsari for Healing – Nov 10-17

“You are not born to suffer but to experience the best of the best of life.” Avdhoot Shivanand ji The recognised scientist Yogi and healing Master Avdhoot Shivanand ji returns to Gujarat after many years to re-accelerate the healing processes in Gujarat, now emphasizing that Cure is Possible. The Modern...

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Making the best of this Navratras

True knowledge of the Infinite and wisdom of the Absolute can only be received by the Guru, and for the disciple to get that, he must bow at the Guru’s holy feet. It is comparable with a stream of water which flows from top to bottom. Thus, only when you...

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To experience God, be like a child

So says the Master…… I will tell you some incident from my meditation period, because every tree emerges out of a seed. I have also travelled that journey. I was also a seed at one point of time. A seed with limitations, full of ego, limited thinking, limited desires. I...

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You are more than you know

Once, long ago I sat with my father next to the divine mother Ganga. The holy river, with its wild ferocity, moved like an impatient child dancing with carefree innocence, tearing rocks and boulders like they were paper. Sounds of the water were as mystic yet deafening as if Ma...

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Meditation or Not during Menstruation?

 Can women meditate and perform sadhna during the menstrual periods? Yes. All the days of the cycle. There is no 5-day leave in Shivyog.  I don’t know who started this tale that the ladies can’t meditate for five days. Then how can Sadhana be kept regular for 10 years, 5 years...

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The powers of an Advait Sri Vidya sadhak

So says the Master … “Whatever you think, materializes into reality. Meaning of Sankalp siddhi is that you achieve everything positive that you want in your life.Whatever changes you want to bring in your life becomes a reality. Vak siddhi means whatever you speak positive turns into a reality. Both these...

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