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The Advait Sri Vidya is considered as the highest of high spiritual practices. Those who have studied the Sri Vidya in great details are the trinity themselves, the heavenly gods, the holy Siddhas, the great Saptarishis, Lord Hayagriv, Agatsya Mahamuni, Ma Lopa Mudra, Lord Dattatreya, Lord Parshurama, Adi Shankaracharya and many such great masters. There are two paths in Sri Vidya – the DVAIT, involving the ritualistic dualistic methods and the ADVAIT involving the nondual approach which is considered most powerful and highest. ShivYog Masters practice the highest form of ADVAIT practices.
Sri Vidya is the science of the cosmos itself, of life and everything that happens to it during the 3 phases – creation, sustenance and dissolution. It unravels how the entire Universe was created, is maintained and will be dissolved for yet another cycle. And thus, it reveals how each soul transitions through various forms and bodies through cycles of birth, life and death. Thus, it unravels the secrets of how, through the Advait Sri Vidya, one can actually dissolve all that is unwanted and undesirable in human life and simultaneously create all that is desirable to be experienced. Because the human soul is nothing but a spark of that divine consciousness, all the properties of that divine quality very much exists in every human also. That is how even normal human beings also evolved to great mighty souls while very much being in the human body itself, like the great Maharishis. The gradual practice of Advait Sri Vidya also opens up all the mighty powers, which the true seeker remains unperturbed with, as he considers these as hinderance to the highest achievement or goal of Sri Vidya. Thus, it is possible for every human to become a super-human.
The ShivYogi Master of this sacred lineage, Avdhoot Shivanand ji is the only living master bestowing the ShivYog Advait Sri Vidya initiation and wisdom for earnest seekers of the Advait Sri Vidya. We now present you with the videos of the sacred Sri Vidya wisdom on a daily basis. Make sure you don’t miss any episode by subscribing to our youtube channel.

We bring you these series of Advait Sri Vidya Wisdom as the snippets and brief gems from the vast divine wisdom from the Master himself. Make sure you don’t miss these powerful episodes. Subscribe today to our youtube channel so that you can get notifications the moment it is uploaded every single day.


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