One of the most unbelievable acts of human nature can be the extremes of birthing and discarding newly born babies to the mercy of circumstances. Fortunately, there are so many NGOs and social workers who are bright humans whose hearts light out of compassion and work relentlessly towards reaching such disowned lives into safer environments of orphanages and the home for destitute. The foundation tries its best to reach out funds or in kind the things required for running such institutions which at times also are struggling to keep the noble deeds alive. Guruma and Ishanji visit such places and spend time with little ones who are as old as few months post birth. Many children are kept at the doorsteps of such organizations while some are picked up from pitiful situations while some found abandoned after birth either due to their parents being unable to support them or because they are physically or mentally challenged. One can certainly contribute their energy, time or recourses towards such establishments but it is important to personally monitor any form of charity towards any cause, to ensure that it reaches the right hands. Only then, can the seva be complete.

There are many other organizations that the foundation gives support in form of education, clothes, toys, food, gifts and other daily needed comforts like television, refrigerators, etc, which is personally looked after and delivered by Ishan ji and Guruma. Ishan ji who is the hero to them, spends a good deal of time with these children, sharing jokes, personal experiences, and things of their interests like video games, movies, games, etc. But it is seen that with everything that he shares with the children, it slowly ends with a note of wisdom and morality. The children watch Babaji’s programs and CDs with great interest. It was worthwhile to watch when once the children in the presence of Babaji sang the bhajans that Babaji sings and they sang it in perfect melody, rhythm, coordination and lyrical perfection. This showed how deeply they had been watching Babaji’s DVD of the “Rhythm of Universe”. Babaji sang and danced with them like a child himself. This is a perfect example of Babaji saying on and often to become child-like and how one to communicate best with others should come to their levels and communicate. Sometimes these children are called to the ashram where food, games and fun is arranged by another child – Ishan ji who is literally lost with them becoming difficult to make him stand out from children. Babaji reminds the children that they are not alone and that they have a father and brother to take care of them and the children are asked open heartedly whatever they wish from Ishan bhaiya and that it will be provided to them. Similarly, sadhaks being motivated by such acts of selfless service have begun identifying and approaching such opportunities in their own locations in their own capacities. The foundation receives letters and mails of love and gratitude by such many children from all over the world, where Babaji offers his support in the best way he can.