ShivYog Durga Saptshati
The uniqueness of Shiv Yog Durga Saptashati Sadhna in relation to the traditional recitation of the ancient scripture lies in the Beej mantras, each comparable to a seed capable of fruiting into a tree of a unique boon such as good health, loving relationships, prosperity, peace and happiness owing to overall completeness in life.
While the mythological tale behind DSS and the traditional worship is known to all, the Beej Mantras which are the real treasure of the scripture were known only to a select few Holy Masters who had locked them to avoid them falling in wrong hands. But the merciful Siddha Guru Baba ji felt that the need for such a powerful treasure tool capable of nullifying any form of negativity is now more than ever.
So, after years of meditation on each verse and each hymn of the scripture, Baba ji unlocked and decoded the locked power of Beej Mantras and through wide-scale initiation in DSS programmes through his power of intention (sankalpa) and celestial voice (vaani), spread this supreme instrument of healing heritage to the farthest corners of the world, opening the door to a whole spectrum of possibilities of tangible and intangible benefits to life on the planet.