profile-round-babajiAvdhoot Shivanand ji is a renowned Self-Realized Master belonging to the Avdhoot lineage of Himalayan Siddhas. Baba ji had the good fortune of receiving direct spiritual initiation in Shakti Sadhna, the meditation on the Supreme Goddess at a tender age of eight through spiritual initiation by an immensely radiant Himalayan Saint 108 Swami Jagannath ji. The angelic Himalayan Saint was himself an ardent practitioner of the series of meditations centred around the goddess, known as Shakti Sadhna. The incident of rejuvenation of a nearly-dead person through healing by the Himalayan Yogi, left a profound impact on Baba ji.

The initiation into Shakti Sadhna proved to be a landmark event in Baba ji’s life. It lit the spark of spiritual dedication in Baba ji, to the extent that he used to sit for hours together in deep contemplation on the Goddess, at times losing track of time in the deep state of meditative trance. Slowly but surely, Baba ji’s sense of perception grew subtler and he experienced himself in a completely new and unique way. Then came the phase where Baba ji embarked on the special pilgrimage to all the sacred zones of the Goddess, known as the ‘Shaktipeeth’. Putting in hours of meditation at every spot, Baba ji finally attained Self-realization or Awakening at the holy shrine of THE Goddess Naina Devi who blessed her pious son.

Proceeding in his divine journey, Baba ji, through his contemplation on the Goddess, gradually placated all her Ten forms known as the 10 Maha Vidyas. An ardent seeker as also a persevering practitioner of Shakti sadhna, he raised his consciousness to become Enlightened Guru His Holiness Avdhoot Shivanand ji. The Awakened Master, by meditating on the Goddess, was finally blessed with infinite healing powers, boons and cosmic energy. It was a matter of time that those around him discovered the miraculous healing powers which he had come to possess when their chronic diseases, decade old feuds and poverty perished through his healing and the grace of the Divine Mother.

Having benefited to an indescribable extent from Shakti sadhna, Baba ji resolved to spread this wisdom to mankind so every human could also experience a happy and holistic life. And Durga Saptashati Beejmantratmak sadhna was the best divine tool to achieve this. This spiritual practice comprised of certain celestial sounds called Beej Mantras which were derived out of persistent meditation by the mystic saints of the Himalayas who wrote them on leaves and hid them for keeping them from falling in wrong hands. These Beej Mantras were taught only to a select few of the worthiest disciples. Slowly this legacy of passing on of the wisdom of Beej Mantras faded.

In search of the script leaves of these sacred syllables and the process of their activation, Baba ji travelled miles from the Himalayan caves in the North to the sacred spots in the South of India. After a Herculean effort and divine grace, Baba ji got hold of the leaves. But it took years of deep meditation to unlock the coded Beej Mantras.

With 700 hymns and 13 chapters, Durga Saptashati is the most powerful meditation in the spiritual practices dedicated to the goddess. The power of Durga Saptashati is subtly present in its Beej Mantras or divine syllables just as curd in the milk. The power of the divine syllables can be churned out only with the grace of the Guru, which is also required to tolerate the shower of high energy on the practitioner.

 The Beej Mantras of Durga Saptashati are chanted aloud and emit strong vibrations which make for a powerful healing energy field around a person, soothing his body, mind and soul as also the sophisticated energy centres in the subtle bodies. The accumulated psychic impressions and pent up emotions which are released upon the loud chanting result in absolute peace, inner happiness and send an energetic vibe all through the body.

The list of benefits imparted by Durga Saptashati is long and are enlisted in the twelfth chapter of the Saptashati books locally available in the market. However, the Durga Saptashati Beej Mantratmak sadhna goes a level higher in that it is constituted by activated seeds of divine syllables – the Beej Mantras which instantaneously invoke the power of the Goddesses and relieve every kind of suffering.

It is Baba ji’s earnest and heartfelt desire that this powerful and immensely beneficial spiritual practice of Shakti Sadhna reaches every home. In the earlier times, this nectar of divine wisdom was far fetched for most. Baba ji himself received this grace after so decades of effort. But it is the good fortune of the modern society that Baba ji is making it available universally in the greatest welfare of mankind. And what’s more special is that the wisdom of Durga Saptashati is being imparted by the supreme devotee and the most ardent practitioner of the meditation – Baba ji himself through his celestial voice and power of intention.




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