The Durga Saptashati sadhna is the perfect example of how the power of sound and vibration, when blended with the emotion of devotion can prove to be mighty beneficial, turning the chant of syllables into a meditation in motion.

Regular conduct of this purifying practice raises the vibrations of the region where it is done, thus its exponents talk of its great capability of restoring peaceful and normal order across the world if done in every nook and corner collectively. Saptashati syllables grant infinite boons of a diverse variety on the devoted practitioner. The benefits, though uncountable are summarized below.


  1. Balances the Ambient Energy with immense Positive Radiance.
  2. Creates a Protective Shield (Kavach) around the practitioner which helps at every juncture.
  3. Triggers Personality and Character development.
  4. Cleanses the mind of doubts, worries and ambiguity.
  5. Forges great love and warmth among family members when done at home.
  6. Inspires the individual on the Path of Virtuousness.
  7. Imparts the rare combination of purity of thought, prosperity and wisdom.
  8. Raises the vibrations of the practitioner and automatically his family.
  9. The massive Healing Quotient lends a very soothing effect on the body, mind and soul.
  10. Helps an individual realize the awareness of a Higher Reality which is very protective and of help in every situation.
  11. Releases stress, bringing about peace, tranquility and happiness at all times.
  12. Promotes good Health, Focus and Concentration.
  13. Revives Material Fortunes, alleviates poverty and fills life with abundance.
  14. Removes obstacles in every walk of life.
  15. Readies a practitioner to receive Higher Grace.
  16. Opens new Avenues of Opportunities – Personal and Professional.
  17. Neutralizes the ill-will between people, turning Opponents into Allies (Shatru Mukti).
  18. Being a celebration and Triumph of Feminine Virtue, it highlights the importance of respecting the source of creation – woman, addressing a key issue of the current times.
  19. Bestows any and every boon of the practitioner as he reaches a stage of deep purification and activates his materialization power.
  20. Helps a seeker get answers to a plethora of philosophical queries with the rise in consciousness level. Such an evolution mellows the individual from inside and causes him to be a better being with every consequent session.
  21. Disintegrates all kinds of negative energy, exterminating evil spirits and ghosts.

Over and above these, it is said about the Durga Saptashati meditational chants, that they possess the power to engender a 180 degree turnaround even for the one who finds himself totally down and out in every sphere of life or for the person who is on the verge of total breakdown. The infinite benefits of Durga Saptashati sadhna are instantaneous and the positive vibes fill the individual with an appreciable amount of creative energy.




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