The uniqueness of Shiv Yog Durga Saptashati Sadhna in relation to the traditional recitation of the ancient scripture lies in the Beej mantras, each comparable to a seed capable of fruiting into a tree of a unique boon such as good health, loving relationships, prosperity, peace and happiness owing to overall completeness in life.

While the mythological tale behind DSS and the traditional worship is known to all, the Beej Mantras which are the real treasure of the scripture were known only to a select few Holy Masters who had locked them to avoid them falling in wrong hands. But the merciful Siddha Guru Baba ji felt that the need for such a powerful treasure tool capable of nullifying any form of negativity is now more than ever.

So, after years of meditation on each verse and each hymn of the scripture, Baba ji unlocked and decoded the locked power of Beej Mantras and through wide-scale initiation in DSS programmes through his power of intention (sankalpa) and celestial voice (vaani), spread this supreme instrument of healing heritage to the farthest corners of the world, opening the door to a whole spectrum of possibilities of tangible and intangible benefits to life on the planet.

Some of the benefits which the grace of the Mother Goddess showers & which are being quoted from the locally available edition of Durga Saptashati are:

  • Healing of physical diseases.
  • Clearing of all hurdles, problems for all round success in life.
  • Neutralizing of the ill-will between people, turning Opponents into Allies (Shatru Mukti)
  • Banishing of sorrow and suffering for a life full of happiness and prosperity.
  • Materialistic joys such as wealth and an excellent family.
  • Disintegrates all kinds of negative energy, exterminating evil spirits and ghosts.
  • Alleviates poverty and fills life with abundance.
  • Paves the way for easy achievement of goals in life.
  • The practitioner is blessed with a sharp yet peaceful mind and he eventually reaches to ascension after death.
  • The house which witnesses periodic practice of the Durga Saptashati always finds itself in the lap of the grace of the Divine Goddess.

~ More About the ShivYog Durga Saptshati ~

Sri Durga Saptashati is an ancient scripture of mythology. While the tales and fables in this scripture, highlighting the heroics of Mother Goddess Durga, are known to all and widely discussed in traditional culture, the real power of the scripture lies in the mystic meditation revolving around the scripture. This secretive meditational process of Durga Saptashati lay encrypted in a spiritual code for ages. It was kept a closely guarded secret to avoid it falling in wrong hands. But, the merciful Healing Master Avdhoot Shivanandji took it upon himself in the contemporary times to revive this supremely powerful but forgotten spiritual practice. Babaji reckoned that in the current milieu of conflict, war, rebellion, strife, epidemics, incurable diseases, natural disasters, catastrophes, pain and suffering, mankind was becoming increasingly disconnected with itself. He felt that time was ripe to overhaul such a vitiated atmosphere with something which could not only arrest this slide but universally resurrect a congenial environment for good health, peace, happiness and an overall harmonious existence for all living beings.

Thus, Babaji decoded and distillated the 13 Chapters and 700 verses of the Durga Saptashati scripture. What came through was a very powerful gist of Beej Mantras or Seed Syllables. Each Beej Mantra is a living entity and invokes the Goddess in some form.

Each syllable has great sanctity and purifying capacity. There are three units in the meditation, corresponding to the Divine Trinity of Goddesses MahaKali (Kills the vices), MahaLakshmi (Bestows infinite material and spiritual wealth) and MahaSaraswati (imparts great wisdom) and so the devoted practitioner is blessed with elevation of the soul with every passing chapter of the process.

The demons which Goddess Durga overpowers in the various story legends of the Durga Saptashati are actually all bad habits of ego, criticism, sycophancy, greed and the cascade of misdeeds which have occupied our lives because of ignorance. As the practitioner of this meditation follows the procedure, the intimate connection with the Goddess that gets established kills the negativity within, helping us internalize the real essence of Durga Saptashati which is renunciation of all kinds of devilish tendencies.

The defining element of this meditation is that it is known to be the giver of great boons.  Moreover, with Babaji having moulded such a complex, long-drawn meditation into a succinct process, it has become tailor-made for the fast paced modern times.

The greatest asset of Durga Saptashati sadhna is that it helps us learn the real meaning of renunciation and detachment by guiding us towards the practical aspect of spirituality. So, we realize through this practice that the devils of Mahishasur, Madhu-Kaitabh, Shumbh-Nishumbh and Raktabeej are not external entities but symbolic of bad qualities within us. Saptashati is a facilitator in us becoming aware of the fact that when we kill the bad tendencies, we are showered with great boons, material wishes and spiritual ascension.




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