Education is one of the most deprived aspect of the little humans. Many of the children from poor families cannot afford sending their children to even primary education. Babaji believes that children of today are the creators of tomorrow’s world and thus they should be imparted with whatever best one can offer. The ashram has been involved in various projects that supply school uniforms, school books, bags, etc to children from poor families. Here also Babaji stresses that whatever is done should be the best without compromises in what is given. Seva always means doing selfless service to the best of one’s ability and should not be done with the title of doing charity or service. Even when school uniforms are provided, Babaji ensures that even the children who never have seen what is uniform get the best of uniforms like those of convent schools. This is an indication of how service must involve complete involvement to the best of one’s contentment in doing that act with the person receiving it also be contended in every way. Everyone can do whatever possible they can. It is certainly not necessary that everything has to be done in mass, but it does make a difference even if one is able to feed or educate just one child in a lifetime. All that Babaji says is that one should impart a certain percentage of their income in giving back to the world through these ways.