ShivYog Mass Healing are free events organized for the benefit of the masses throughout the world.

Health does not just mean physical health but being healthy means having a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy emotions. Shiv Yog healing works on not just the physical body but all the other 4 subtle bodies, including the koshas, chakras and nadis. When complete healing is practiced one begins noticing many advantages like improving of physical health, better digestion and nourishment, improvement in sleep quality, enhanced memory and concentration, removal of anxiety and depression, controls mind chatter, curbs negative thoughts, releases unwanted traumas and unwanted memories, releases fears and phobias, enhances intuitive abilities, ability to materialize life goals and desires faster, induces more energies improving enthusiasm, helps overcome addictions and bad habits, improved relationships, and helps attract financial abundance. Shiv Yog healing also can help heal various doshas including the pitru dosha, ill-effects of planetary conditions and negative energy influences. There are various deep stages of healing taught in Shiv Yog, which you can progressively learn and practice for complete transformation.

All this was made possible for people to learn, practice and transform by the compassion of the father of Indian healing – Avdhoot Shivanand ji, who is a master from the powerful lineage of Ancient Sages who were great Yogis. Babaji spent a great number of years doing penance and was blessed with the healing powers of Lord Mahamrithyunjay after which Babaji spent decades healing and empowering the masses. The Yogis are beyond time and space and with a mere intent can manifest their goodwill for humanity. This is exactly how Babaji has been recently helping humanity both with his physical presence and subtle presence.

Many years ago Babaji used to conduct free mass healings which helped many people who attended these healing sessions and benefited. Now, Shiv Yog opens freely those mass healings to all those who wished to attend, learn, get empowered and receive healing, and today you would be receiving the healing energies that will give you the opportunity to heal and transform.

Shiv Yog Mass Healing is the first step towards you experiencing the powerful ways of the divine, to let you know that you are not alone in your life journey, that you have the power to heal anything in your life. Healing works on surrender and is purely grace.

When a seeker is totally surrendered and open to receive grace, it is the law of nature that grace will flow unto the seeker. Your willingness to receive, to transform, to let go of the old, to embrace the new, to release your shortcomings and to accept the new gifts makes healing easy and possible through this event.

We have all the powers of healing within us but it remains inactive because of our ignorance due to the heavy layers of karmas over many lifetimes. When activated by the able Guru these powers begin getting activated. One then begins to get connected to the infinite resources of healing and is able to easily tap down the cosmic energies from higher dimensions. When one becomes able to do that, healing becomes simple and easy and one is able to take control over one’s life and create the best circumstances. This is why Babaji always teaches that you are the creator of your own destiny. You can heal and recreate your life to the life of your liking.

Attend the FREE mass healing at a center close to you.