Babaji very dearly has been keenly trying to help little children at every given opportunity. He often speaks that the children must be looked after their needs and cared for in every way. School uniforms were one of Babaji’s dreams for these children. For years, He gifted children with school uniforms saying that children must feel proud to go to school and feel proud to wear the uniforms like any other convent school going children. For this, lengthy meters of cloth arrived periodically and they were sent to tailors who stiched these uniforms for both boys and girls and when ready, the ShivYog Sewa team sprung into action. These activities were more intensified in the year 2014 where more poor schools were identified in villages and visited. The winter of 2014 also saw the opportunity for ShivYog to reach warm clothes to the deprived children. It surely radiated peace when these children excitedly and warmly smiled in happiness.