The Gaushala in Alwar, Rajasthan, was the place that Avdhoot Shivanand ji decades ago had spent years in his spiritual austerities, then a barren dry land amidst the isolated Aravali Mountains that few dared to even venture into.

alwar1Few years ago Babaji and GuruMa decided to convert this land into a rich natural habitat for cows, that needed shelter, protection and food. With the dedicated efforts of Babaji and GuruMa in just a span of few years the large piece of dry sand land was converted into a green paradise, that today grows fresh organic fruits, vegetables and crops. It today has turned into a shelter home for about 600 cows that gradually grew in numbers, as poor farmers decided to leave the sick, dying and useless cows and even continue to do so. They are looked after here by the Gaushala, nourished and revived back to health.  Many cows rescued from slaughter houses also land up here.

alwar2Babaji ensured over time that he built a proper shelter for them, store gallons of litres of drinking water and provide tonnes of cattle feed on a daily basis. Though the maintenance of such large number of cows and workers are huge, Babaji never accepted donations for the tasks nor does he still prefer even though a good number of volunteers regularly approach the ashram for contributions. Rather than money, Babaji encouraged to send cattle feed that is required in large quantity (approximately 7 quintals a day or 200 quintals a month).

2This Gaushala, since was the tapobhoomi of the Healing Master, attracts a large number of sadhaks who volunteer to do seva, conduct Durga Saptshati collective chants and meditate in this place. Since entry or stay is only by prior approval you are encouraged to first contact the ashram with your purpose by filling the form below. The team will get in touch with you with further information. Please note that entry and stay is strictly only by approval, hence please do not plan or travel without the approval. Group seva activities are preferred.

What sevas can you volunteer for? (Forum teams will be given first preference)

  • – You can arrange to send cattle feed. If you wish to, please mention the same in the form below.
  • – You can have group chantings, DSS events, and healing for the cows.
  • – You can bring tree saplings (good quality) and plan a group tree plantation.
  • – You can have a group cleaning drive.
  • – You can have a group cattle feeding seva.
  • – You can join the team in regular weekly, monthly visits for specific sevas.

Please note that all the above are subject to approval after sending requests through the form below.


  1. Strictly NO CASH, NO CHEQUES/DDs to be sent to any ashram or given to any representative of the ashram.
  2. Do not take any feed for feeding cows without prior permission.
  3. Those willing to contribute may only contribute wheat toda (husk cattle feed) please do not offer from areas around Alwar, like Ramgarh, Naogaon, Muradabad, etc. because the feed from these areas are high in dust, which are harmful to the cows as they fall sick. However, green cattle feed or jaggery is acceptable from these areas.
  4. Please contact us prior to any cattle feed contributions or any visit/seva for prior approvals.

Thank you. Namah shivay

Message from Babaji for volunteers sending cattle feed to Gaushala (Jan 1, 2017)

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