Guru and essence of Guru in life

Right from the toddler to an old aged human..every one has a right to choose. To choose what he wants, what he desires. But stop for a moment and think whether the choice made by every human is always THE BEST for him.

Have you ever seen a child being guided by its mother as to what to eat, what is good for the child, that he should be disciplined, should not be mischievous and all this so that he becomes a good human being one day. Bottom line… the child, the student, the youngster at various stages requires right hand holding and guidance in various forms like a mother, a teacher, a mentor, etc.

After taking birth in a human form, which is the cleverest, well equipped and conscious forms amongst all living creatures, his consciousness is like a still water… just lying idle without any movement. He lives a life which is more like a competition every moment. When suddenly there is a ripple that happens on the surface of the still water and the human asks a conscious question….who am I, what is the reason of me taking this birth… what is my life’s sole agenda…. definitely not wining the competition.

The soothing breeze which cannot be seen yet causes these ripples in the still water, who is not visible but shakes you up from e deep sleep of ignorance is none other than THE GURU. The moment these questions are raised within you… there lies a necessity of the Guru to hold your hand..guide you to make best choices rather choices which are right for you… to protect you through the journey of merging with the infinite. In this great journey from an ordinary human to becoming infinite… a Guru plays a role of the AIR. How air, though not visible, yet every breath you take is useless without it.. rather no breath is possible without it.

One should always thank the GURU for every conscious breath you take… because it is his love and blessing that you inhale in every breath hence exhaling infinite gratitude towards him is the best reciprocation possible.

Namah Shivay

Sadhak’s Light ~ shivyogi Prachi

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    Pratiksha says

    Thank you babaji
    Your videos in youtube specially have been a lot of help to me
    I get inspired,motivated and positive
    I seek your guidance

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    Naman Sinha says

    Namah Shivay

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    Naman Kr Sinha says

    Namah Shivay

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    Dinesh Begi says

    Your comment Thank u Baba ji love you. Namah shivay

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    Avinash (Arya) shinde says

    Namah Shivay babaji…mla Shree yantra,golden book,nd dss book order karych ahe n,kshi order kru m… online try Kel m bt hot nhi ye order….plz…. answer m….

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