Guruma, as she is fondly called, has been with Babaji for four decades and assisting Babaji at every step. Guruma spends time taking care of her children (ashramites) and overlooks the activities of the ashram from early morning to late evening. She has been greatly responsible for the creation of Gaushala, where over the past few years she has been helping cows that were sick or injured or ones that would have ended up in slaughter houses.

GurumaGuruma regularly visits orphanages, old age homes finding happiness in sharing her time and love with them along with the gifts and food that she lovingly serves for all of them. She, on opportunity, even loves cooking for her children at the ashram or the places she visits. People at the old age home eagerly wait for her, to see her, be with her and speak with her with their love and embraces. Guruma has for long been a parent to many disowned people and orphan children with her initiatives in reaching love to them through the various offerings that she shares with them in kind.

Guruma follows Babaji in almost all workshops, thus being the strong compliment of feminine form to the completeness of Babaji. She speaks very less but whenever she does, her soft-spoken words are full of love, compassion, wisdom and inspiration. Her sayings very well ornament the sacred teachings of Babaji as does her presence with Babaji. Guruma has been the source of inspiration to many women in the household as well as an excellent example when it comes to learning how to balance the worldly and spiritual aspects of womanhood.

Guruma is a mother to all – from her own children to ashramites to the disowned to animals. With her mornings, devoted to the quiet worship of Lord Shiva, she is often seen walking around the ashram burning incense sticks and lamps in the temple and ashram. She is often found to in her own contemplation or speaking to someone words of encouragement or cooking for ashramites or instructing on ashram work. Guruma’s motherly love and compassion emanates from her wherever she goes.