Babaji believes the greatest selfless seva one can give humanity is feeding the hungry. He says that feeding does not mean giving large amount of contribution to any organization but rather getting involved in the action to ensure that the seva is done with one’s own physical capacities. Identifying the right people to help also is important as feeding the well-fed does not make much difference, but the intention is to feed the poor and hungry. He says that when a hungry person appeases his hunger and feels contended and this contentment that comes from the hungry is itself expressed as gratitude to the one serving the food, which is of great spiritual value. The ashram is involved in regular activities of feeding the hungry through bhandara centers throughout the world. The essence of every shivir or workshop of ShivYog is that it has to end with serving the divine food to the multitude as the Prasad of the Divine. ShivYog identifies itself with food distribution at any given opportunity.

Babaji and Guruma in earlier days had begun this noble act by themselves cooking and serving food to few poor people in the place of their living. As the number of people increased, they had to hire cooks to continue this act. Since then, they have never looked back when it comes to feeding people and today lakhs of people all around the world are fed through various events, bhandara seva, treats, etc.

Babaji says, “Blessed is the home where along with the family members eat a few more people.”

People come to Babaji offering great amount of money or land as donations but Babaji refuses stating that if they truly wish to give Him something, let them use that money or sell the land and use the money in distributing free food to the hungry, adding that if they are able to do this, Babaji has received their contribution with love.