Live like a Lotus

Live like a lotus while living in the world. This is why out of all hermits, the householder Sages are the most powerful Sages. It is because while living in the family, he is experiencing everything practically. If he feels bad about something, he has the opportunities of turning it into something good. But if somebody leaves home and he misses this opportunity to change what he feels bad about and this emotion will stay with him, it will remain inside. The growth will not take place. That is why, you must attain sagehood while living in the family.  This is why Sages are compared to the lotus, that which grows out of mud, but yet being untouched by the dirt. So you should all live like the hermits – the householder hermits – what is known as the Grihastha Ashram. Grihastha ashram means that I have no expectations when it comes to receiving. I do not expect to receive anything. Everything is unconditional. Whatever I want, I know I can tap from the universe and manifest that from the universe.  I can enter into the core of myself, and I can create on my own. A yogi is someone who only gives and wishes to distribute, he wishes to give. So at home, instead of asking for love or complaining that ‘they did not give me love’ the yogi expresses unconditional love. The meaning of unconditional love is that there is no condition. I love those who take a lot of care of me and I even love those who don’t take care of me at all. I also love those who hurl abuses at me because unconditional love is my basic nature. As the sun’s basic nature is to give light and heat and as the way water’s basic nature is to quench thirst and give life, in the same way, the basic nature of the soul is unconditional love. So all these you can only learn by living amidst the family. You learn to forgive…. and even if you have not forgiven, you can still practice it, now that you have learnt ShivYog. By living life like a lotus, you become like the hermit.


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