Meditate the sacred night of Mahashivratri 2018

The whole night will be a sacred night to meditate on the Creator. ShivYog teaches the powerful non-ritualistic Advait approach. The whole night, beginning from 7 p.m. on 13th Feb, all ShivYog Forums will begin video telecasting the sacred discourses by Avdhoot Shivanand ji on the divine wisdom of the real form of Shiva, combined with divine sankirtans and powerful meditations.

The night of ShivYogis

The Night of Wisdom, Meditation & Chants

How will it all be?

All worldwide ShivYog Forums have been assigned the video telecast starting from February 13, 2018 7 p.m. IST time that will continue non-stop till next morning 7 a.m.  All forums may contact the forum departments at ashram for any further details.

The whole 12-hours will be full of divine wisdom flowing from the ShivYog Master Avdhoot Shivanand ji with lots of divine chants, sankirtans, strotras and meditations to keep you divinely connected to the Shiva Consciousness and meditative the whole night. The night of Shivratri is considered to be one of the most intense nights for a meditator. Since ShivYog stresses on the true worship of Shiva, which is in the nondual form, the night will be focussed more on the nondual unification of the seeker and the Supreme. As your guru will be revealing to you the whole night the true meaning of Shivratri and the most powerful ways to be connected to the Shiva element.

Seize this opportunity to receive the abundant grace and energies that the Shiva Tatva and Guru Tatva will be emanating. We wish you a very happy and blissful Mahashivratri. Om Namah Shivay!

Before you prepare yourself for the night, watch this video which has all the subtle messages for you this Mahashivratri for your spiritual and worldly accelerated growth.


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    shubham says

    Is it open to all. I am not forum member can i please join it

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      ShivYog says

      Please contact your nearby ShivYog forum team :https://sadhak.shivyog.com/join-forum/

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        Mamta takkar says

        Namah shivaya babaji guruma bless me my husband and my lovely son bless us

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    Manish says

    Kya aaj rat ko diksha di jaegi kya

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    Mamta takkar says

    Namah shivaya babaji guruma bless me my husband and my lovely son bless us

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    sanjay mishra says

    how to connect

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