Meditation or Not during Menstruation?

 Can women meditate and perform sadhna during the menstrual periods?

Yes. All the days of the cycle. There is no 5-day leave in Shivyog.  I don’t know who started this tale that the ladies can’t meditate for five days. Then how can Sadhana be kept regular for 10 years, 5 years or 3 years, if after every 25 days, a five day leave is being taken. There is nothing as such. This all is foolishness. You have to perform sadhana all 30 days. In our Shivyog, the man or the woman; We directly use the term, Ardhanarishvara. This is the male half and this is the female half. Even in a man, this is the female half and this is the male half. In women also, there is a female half and a male half. The only difference, if it is also seen medically in terms of hormonal secretions: the male and female hormones are secreted by every human being. In case of female, the female hormone secretion viz. estrogen secretion is more and the androgen secretion is less. In case of male, the male hormone secretion is more, and the female hormone is less. So this isn’t written anywhere in the Vedas. This isn’t written anywhere in the Upanishads. Beyond that I don’t believe in anything.  Apart from that, everybody has done something or the other according to their own selves. Then the purity, which is the light of god, gets diluted or fragmented. The Vedas don’t speak of caste or creed.  They speak of Sanatan(the eternal) which is a way of life. It is not religion. It is a way of life.  And there is the Brahmin. The word Brahmin has been used for the one who conducts himself by the Brahma. This is why all thirty days; One must meditate even during the 5 day period. During that period, you must enter your meditation room. During that period, you must light the Diya(clay lamp of worship). During all the five days, you must shower the kumkum(turmeric power) on Shree Yantra while chanting. During that period, you must offer water to Shivji, if you practice it otherwise. But in reality the God is within you. You must worship that. Meditate on one’s own self, Worship one’s own self. Your ‘Ram’ resides within you as you. The God is within you.


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    Prabhas Chandra Jha says

    I want to be a shiv yog sadhak in family life. Is it possible?
    If it is possible then how?

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    Chander Pratap Singh says

    By doing shivyog sadhna i have quit all by bad habits like drinking alcohoI etc etc and got so much from shivyog sadhna but one thing i want to quit is smoking which i feel is a hurdle in my sadhna but i find it difficult to quit. Please guide me in this matter .

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      ShivYog says

      Again trust your sadhna and continued and trust on your guru oneday this habit also will remove.

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    Davita Dewrajram says

    Dear Babaji
    I’m reinventing my life with your teachings and I am forever grateful. I am no longer stuck in the superstitious beliefs of those whom are ignorant.
    You have blessed me abundantly..Thank you
    Namah Shivay

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    gauravi tripathi says

    baba ji.. my mom is suffering from ILD, her health is getting down day by day.. plz help

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    Rashi says

    Baba g.iam always surroundings with my sins.how do i forget that.

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    Monal says

    Guruji i watch your programme on ztv, your preaching inspired me . I want to learn the way i should do meditation.

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