Babaji loves nature as he sees them also as an active part of the creation and the planet’s sustenance. We always take so much from nature in so many forms, from food to shelter to sustenance but never give back anything. The best way that Babaji suggests to repay back to nature is by planting trees. Large number of trees are felled and forests are been occupied by humans. Cutting of trees imbalances the ecology and this rapid destruction of trees have brought in so many natural calamities. Babaji has been encouraging tree plantations and sadhaks have been involved in this activity planting thousands of trees. The goshala in Alwar has been planted with hundreds of trees in the vast open land. Babaji adds that only planting will not help but rather they should be well-watered, well-manured and protected from insects, pests, and grazing animals till they can grow independently. This completes that purpose of planting trees.

Along with this, a sadhak who is taught healing is encouraged to send Sanjeevani shakti (divine healing energies) to Mother Nature, especially with the powerful Mritsanjeevani Kriya. During times of turmoil and calamities, sadhaks often get together to send healing to these places and to get involved in collective prayers. Such collective efforts are powerful to not only minimize or recover faster but also in many cases turned preventive. Such healing and prayers are one of the best ways to give back to Mother Nature and become a divine tool in the evolution of mass consciousness.

Also, Babaji has empowered thousands of farmers into healing crops and farms with astounding results seen by farmers themselves and by agricultural scientists.