Powerful command for your body to heal

So the Master says …. 

“If there is any disease in this whole of five and a half feet body and the intensity of disease is like a big book that takes ten years to read.

Shiv Yog says wherever theThe e is a problem in the body or if there is any disturbance in ease it is a disease. I consider it as wrong when I am being told complex terminology in Medical science as I haven’t studied medicine.

The truth is that I am not the doctor and I haven’t learnt medical science and hence it makes no sense to listen to your diseases, it is the duty of the qualified doctor. My duty is to impart ‘Sadhana’ to you. I have come to correct your life and if in that process your disease gets healed then it’s not my ‘fault’. Hence this is my request to you all that it is not advisable to convey the medical terminology to the medical illiterate. But be fully aware of this that when you connect to Him your miseries are cut down.

Suppose there is a heap of garbage, I don’t want to look into the varieties of it. What do I do, I bring oil and start burning it. I am the one who brings the oil and burn it and hence the variety doesn’t matter to me. I don’t know to analyse it.

I have wisdom and I plead that you also have this wisdom that it is the garbage, the garbage of Karma which we piled up. Since we did it we must burn it and throw it off. But if you secure it in a locker and open it in gatherings like in a party where you appear in nice clothes, spray a nice deodorant and start showing off with your hair style, this is where the locker of diseases open. This is all garbage.

Your body is very sacred and your mind is always blissful. When it comes to them do not misunderstand that the karmic garbage belongs to you. Because wherever there is garbage, it gets piled up.

Remember, you are not this body, this body is yours. Do you live in your house or in someone else? If suppose someone else comes into house and settles in some corner what do you do? You kick that one out. You are the soul who is living in a house called body and if a disease attacks your body you must not accept it, you must kick it off.

Babaji interacts with a sadhak and depicts how one has to heal particular diseases while doing sadhana.

Babaji narrates a story to explain how one must progress in the path

“There were two ‘sadhaks’ who have been meditating for 20 years with an intension to attain self-realization. When once a great Siddha visited them, one of them asked, “Hey Siddha, Please foresee and forecast our attainment of self-realization.” As per the request, the Siddha told the sadhak that “It would take 20 more years.” hearing this, the ‘sadhak’ leaves the place with dissatisfaction. The Siddha now turned to other and said that “It would take one more lifetime for your attainment”. The sadhak replied that, “It means I am progressive in the path and hence I shall continue meditating”.

Hence whatever you focus in life do not expect to get it instantly and get irritated as it accumulates negativity and drives away what has to come. And when you achieve your two of your goals patiently, bring in the belief that you are going to achieve the rest in the same way. As the belief piles up, the results become instantaneous.

Learn to live. God has given you the power to choose and before you choose foresee. When you foresee you find two ways:

  • This leads to low consciousness
  • This paves you to ascension, the Shiv Yog way.

Always check your intention before you do, it must be pure. Where ever intentions are impure there the suffering evolves. Wherever the intentions are pure, in that way you must proceed

First of all love yourself unconditionally. The one, who can’t love oneself, cannot love others. Pile up love within you not hatred.

Each of us is unique. God has made you to experience what all you want to. Hence accept yourself.

As you accept yourself you accept others. When you don’t accept your own self then you start manipulating others in the family. Do not expect but accept. Accept everyone the way they are.



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    Ranjana Singh says

    I am suffering from sclerosis from very long time. Since it not be cured but can be suppressed only by taking medicine .I looking forward to you to tell me the way to get self healing. I really trust you and yearn to join you as your shishya .also want to learn shiv yog , saptashati path ., sri vidya path.I believe in Lord Shiva a lot. I believe that if he wishes any thing impossible can turn possible and vice versa.
    Thank you

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    Anoop Raj says

    I’m suffering from unsuccessful & hean bhavnas

  3. Reply
    Sharad Sheth says

    Lecture is very impressive

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