The importance of purity of intentions

Whatever you may be doing, the intention behind must be pure. If one is trained in purity of emotions, then you will have nothing to fear. You will be “cool”, as they say.

Intention has to be very pure. For that one must be happy not just with one’s own happiness but with other’s happiness too. But when one is stuck in illusions, then the other persons happiness is bothersome. You can see this written behind trucks in India “Tu khush, main pareshan, mere Bharat mahaan”. It reflects how we feel on other’s happiness. You must have seen this among siblings. I am mentioning about you and not Ramayana or Mahabharata. Your parents gift you a present. You are happy. They give you more gifts. You are very happy. But if a sibling receives something little more than you, tell me what will happen?

I once met a woman, who was very sad. I asked her “Why are you unhappy? Where is your family?”

She said, “I have a husband and kids”.

I asked, “How are they?”

She replied, “My son and daughter are very good in studies.”

I asked, “And husband?”

She said, “He is also doing good in business, but I am very unhappy with him.”

I asked, “Why? Does he treat you bad?”

She said, “No.”

I asked, “Does he fight with you?”

She said, “No.”

I asked, “Does he drink or anything?”

She said, “No.”

I asked, “How is his health?”

She said, “He is healthy.”

I asked, “Why are you sad then?”

She said, “He hasn’t done anything for us. He hasn’t done anything for me in life.”

I asked, “Where do you live?”

She replied, “In Greater Kailash” (one of the best locations in New Delhi)

I said, “Alright. How big is the house?”

She replied, “1000 square yards.”

I said, “He has good. Then why are you sad?”

She said, “Nothing. He gives away. He gives away everything to his sisters and there is nothing for me.”

I asked, “Do you own a car?”

She said, “BMW.”

I said, “You have a good car. A good house. The kids are also good. Husband is also good and healthy. Then what is the problem?”

She said, “He spends on his sisters. Look at his brother. He’s done well.”

I replied, “Where does he live?”

She said, “He too lives in Greater Kailash.”

I asked, “How big is his house?”

She replied, “1000 square yards.”

I asked “What else?”

She replied, “He has a Mercedes car.”

I replied, “It must be 1.5 inches longer. You mentioned he spends on his sisters. How much does he spend?”

She replied, “Whenever he comes, he spends 10-20 thousand on them.

I said, “He already spends lakhs on you and you are bothered by his spending few thousands on his sisters?  You have such a big house. You own such a big car and ……”

She interrupted, “My husband really does not care and that is why his brother has a Mercedes and we just have a BMW!”


So, do you get it now? The real sorrow is not with one’s own sorrow but with someone else’s happiness.

These emotions must be let gone. Do not let the sorrow enter into you, because the moment you are sad you are communicating to your 50 trillion cells, to all the hundred thousand trillion atoms, subatomic particles – to God’s particles. Beyond a stage, the state of nothingness is within you and that stage of nothingness is capable of producing everything and anything. No questions asked. It does not ask any questions. That state consists of infinite positive and infinite destructive powers. Shiva belongs to both the divine and the devil – of illuminated beings and of darker beings. Both worship him. And that Shiva is not external but a state of nothingness within you. That state, when you go deep inside, it is the state of Niraguna (attribute-less) and Nirakar (formless). The state devoid of these 3 gunas – Tamoguna (inertia & darkness), Sattoguna (light & bliss), Rajoguna (passion and motion) – is the state of Niraguna (attribute-less). If you enter into this state, you immediately manifest. So, if you are negative the negative energy you subconsciously allow within, and what are you going to produce from that nothingness? If you are happy, then what are you going to produce from that nothingness? If you are upset, what are you going to produce? Surely it would be something that not good for you – a bad incident in life, a hurdle in life, scarcity in life, a disease in life, etc.

So it’s a state of mind actually. Whatever God has given you, learn to be content. Remember there is ample available in the universe. Learn to tap that.

So foremost, practice purity of intention. My Guru taught me ‘Sab kuch bhaav re.’ (everything is your intentions) Behind every thought the intention must be pure. Behind every action, the intention must be pure. Behind every word the intention must be pure.  Have a pure intention.

Secondly, my Guru taught, ‘Have a clean mind.’  There should be no filth in your mind. All such thoughts create filth. The mind becomes filthy. Always do the self analysis or self-retrospection on whether your every action, though or word is clean or if there is any filth in it. Don’t ever let your mind become filthy.

Then, my Guru taught, “Have a calm mind.” This means a mind without restlessness. If you find that there is a lot of disturbance in your mind, start going in reverse. Is the mind clean or not? Many times we fool ourselves. Introspect honestly if the mind is calm or not, if the mind is not agitated, if you are able to sleep properly.

So again. I am telling you a mathematical formula. Check – if the mind is calm or not.  If you feel the mind is fine, check with emotions/intentions. Check in every task you had undertaken during the day, what was the intention/emotion behind it? And given the emotion at that time, was the mind clean or not? If everything has happened rightly, you will notice that the mind will be calm. Then there will be no fear. Nobody can harm you. And even if someone has taken away something from you, you can receive again – you have an ATM card. Whatever you want, you do not need to carry around in your pockets. A rich man never carries around in his pockets. He keeps a credit card or a debit card. He keeps everything in cloud (cloud computing). Whenever he needs anything, he just downloads or encashes it with his credit or debit card. So, a calm mind.

Once you attain a calm mind, the next stage is very, very important. Vishal mann. A vast mind. Since I am connected to the infinite with an infinite supply, now I find real enjoyment in giving. Because I myself have first enjoyed it a lot.  Enjoy, there is no need to deprive yourself. After that you can say, “I have enjoyed, now you take and enjoy it too. Then there will be no sorrow in other’s happiness.  This is what my Guru has taught, ‘Have a vast mind.’ Then do not cry or complain. You have enjoyed. You are happy buying a BMW.  You are happy when others own a Mercedes also, because if you want you can buy it too’. But know that your true state of happiness is your state of mind. Ultimately, it is the peace of the mind and the joy of the mind that is your highest state of spirituality. You then are happy because you can enter into a deep meditative state, even
if you are sitting in an AC or sitting under a tree. Whether 20 delicacies are serbabaji-name-photoved to you or you have nothing to eat. There is peace, joy and happiness. Happiness in all circumstances. This is what the whole journey of ShivYog is.

It is sure that you are infinite, but you attach yourself to the finite. You have to unfold yourself. The healing powers are there within you. Infinite healing powers. The day you understand, you will take only a second to make yourself better. Believe in the self. Today onwards, create a belief, that ‘I can do self-healing. I can heal myself.’ Create a belief within yourself. ‘I can heal the circumstances. No matter what is happening around me, I shouldn’t be worried. I can change that. I can create that. I can heal that.’

You are the creator of your own destiny.

~ Excerpts from a talk from the ancient Indian healing master – Avdhoot Shivanand ji


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    Should we do sadna during Lunar Solar Eclipses

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