How you receive when you selflessly give

When there is a need to share, share it. Do not become a miser. Do not say that that you do not have sufficient and when you have enough, you will share. There is a great man in South India. He is a very big businessman. This is a story of several years ago, when he did not have enough in life. When I would visit South India, he would say “It is my duty to drive around Baba.” And he drove me around in his very old Maruti car that made a lot of noise. I would happily sit in that car and travel with him. Somebody then told me that he was a poor man and for driving me around, he would credit of Rs. 50-100 for the fuel.

I called him one day and made him sit down to learn meditation. I initiated him into the ShivYog Sri Vidya Meditation. I then noticed that whenever I would be teaching him Sri Vidya, a lot of dark figures would rise up around him. They wouldn’t let the light enter him. I then asked him if he has helped anybody or if he has ever donated anything to anybody. I knew his entire family lived in just one small room – he, his wife and kids and his mother and father. He replied that he has never been able to give anything to anyone. I told him, “Do one thing, start feeding children every morning”. He was sad. I asked him what was the matter?” He said, “I have scarcity of money. When we are living hand-to-mouth, where will I have money to feed other children? I asked him, “Can you not spare even 10 rupees everyday?” He immediately said that was possible. In those days, you could buy lot of paav (bread) for 10 rupees. So I asked him to buy everyday paav worth 10 rupees and feed whichever poor children he could feed. There was one good thing about him – whenever I told him something, he wouldn’t deviate or use his own brains. He did not apply logic but just did what was told to him. He could have said “My expenses are already so high, over than I am borrowing money for fuel and now Babaji is asking me spend more money.  Or, he could have wondered how spending 10 rupees for children would benefit him? Usually people ask that if they do something what would they benefit out of it. The word of the Guru is the absolute. He believed in that. So he just started giving.

It must have been 2-3 months that went by when I received his message – “Babaji, I have met with great fortune, some business has come up related to land.  I have earned Rs. 10 lakh with me.” I said  “Bless you. Now you increase this Narayan sewa (charity to children) and without asking further, he just did that. Along with that, he regularly did his Sri Vidya meditation also that I had taught him. Then he came to me and said, “Babaji, I wish to do something for you.” I laughed and told him “I will make you build and ashram.” Three years later, he came to me and said, “Babaji, I am ready now to build an Ashram. In Hyderabad wherever you point a finger, I will build an Ashram there’. I was very happy and told him, “I do not need it, but you have said and I received it already. Bless you and now enjoy. Thereafter, I took him to a lot of orphanages. Whenever he would earn, he would go out and distribute to the poor. I had reminded him that charity is not just giving but ensure that it is given with one’s own hands.

Also, whenever he initiated work on building colonies, I would tell him, “Look son. Wherever you plan to build something, always remember that many beings live there. Money brings conceit, but you must remain humble. So, before initiating a building project, go there with folded hands and pray that all that organisms who live there, the visible and the invisible. ‘This is your habitat that I have taken now for a good cause. I pray to you to move to some other location.  For your gratification, I am organizing a free kitchen here.’ Then begin your charity kitchen there for a while. The gratification one receives with the fulfillment of hunger, reaches the beings.”

You might feel this is superstition, but it is because you do not see beyond the limited world you see. Secondly, I told him “Whenever you dig the ground, if in case a snake appears, do not harm it.” Then it so happened that there was an old Shiva temple. He asked me, “Babaji, there is an old Shiva temple right in the middle of the land. What should I do?” I asked him to retain the design of the architecture in such a way that it retains it ancient feel. Try to only make it better because you have taken the land of the God. The man gave this instruction to all the construction workers. But then it so happened that one day while a JCB machine babaji-name-photowas excavating soil, a huge snake came through. The JCB driver spotting the cobra, threw the construction bowl hard at it and lowered the machine on it and the escaped back underground. When the man heard of the driver doing this, he was very angry and thundered at him from the Shiva temple, “Come down!” He yelled at him, “I had told you not to harm any snakes. How dare you do that?”  As he was saying this, he noticed that from underneath the chain wheel of the JCB, the huge snake emerged and overturned the JCB. This is a true story that happened. He says, “I wonder if I hadn’t called the driver down from the JCB for reprimanding him, what would have happened to him?” So, this is nature. In nature everything is balanced. All that you can ever think of….. also exists.

~ Excerpts from a talk from the ancient Indian healing master – Avdhoot Shivanand ji


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    Dheeraj kumar says

    Namo shivaye baba G I surrender my self to you …..n thanks to give me chance to make my life like a rose that can speak silently the language of heart …..namo shivaye luv u baba g

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    Madhumiitaa says

    I thank you babaji with all my heart. I thank you.. please guide me always.. to the end of time. I want to hold your hand like a dear child holds his father’s hands to walk through this bhav sagar and emerge victorious! Thank you again babaji for being my guide.

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    SHIVYOGI rajat says


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    Madhumiitaa says

    Namah shivaay babaji. Thank you with all my heart for healing me, my life, my entire being.. I want to know that personally what should I give and to whom? What is there that I can give to others who need it? I want to attract the infinite to get healing for my relationship and my career.

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    Dayanand c waghmare says

    Namah Shivay.
    Thanx Babaji for shambhavi and srividya shaktipat for giving me everything.
    The adwait gyana of shiv shiva.
    Unconditional love.
    MY life is going verry smoothly health wealth.relation everything.
    Thanx thanx thanx.

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