In modern spiritual history, till 2012, every seeker, saint and scholar knew Durga Saptashati as an inspirational story of a sage and king, reciting which one could be at peace from worldly bondoages.

This continued until in the middle of 2012, a Self Realized Yogi His Holiness Dr Avdhoot Shivanand introduced a game changing, never heard before and extremely rare offering even in the ancient times – the fully unlocked Shiv Yog Beej mantratmak Durga Saptashati Sadhna.

What made this special was the fact that first no ordinary human could possibly decipher the coded Beej Mantras of the Durga Saptashati scripture. Second, even if someone would have been able to get hold of the Beej Mantras, who would unlock their power? Third, the Mahatm and Gyan Khand of the Durga Saptashati, read as an inspirational spiritual scripture was known to one and all but the sadhna Khand was a closely guarded secret by the Awakened Masters.

All this made the inauguration of the first ever Durga Saptashati Beej Mantra Sadhna (DSS) momentous, remarkable, unprecedented and a watershed milestone in the history of spirituality and new age meditation.

This remarkable, unique, invaluable contribution of Shiv Yog Master Dr Avdhoot Shivanand ji was celebrated the world over with free of cost Shiv Yog DSS shivirs held in every continent, which the Shiv Yog Guru covered in a short span of 8 months.

The result of this tremendous selfless service initiative was that the celestial sounds helped purge the collective consciousness of the negative accumulations emotions & intentions, resulting in improvement in agricultural output of farmers, law and order, peace, happiness, good health, family reunions and other innumerable awe-inspiring series of events which are, even to this date contributing in making this world a better place.

Today, Shiv Yog DSS is one of the most powerful and popular means of prayer, ascension and unification the world over. The efforts and empowerment of a Self Realized Yogi is being harnessed to bring peace, happiness and good health for all under the motto of Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.


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    Sanket kapratwar says

    Namah shivay
    Mainey pune shibir attempt kiya hai
    Mere sawal hai ki daily konse mantra
    Padhana hai and mann me pradhanya hai ki jorse se padhana hai

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