Sadhus and yogis can be found in all parts of India, most of them renunciates and wandering sadhus who keep moving from location to location pursuing their higher goals. Babaji treats sadhus with utmost respect and says that the opportunity to serve them is a divine opportunity. Most the wandering sadhus do not need much because they do not possess much nor accumulate things. But what is consistently needed for them is food and water. One can strive to help reach this to them in whichever way possible. The foundation seeks such opportunities to be of service and had good opportunity to serve many such sadhus visiting the sacred hill of Tiruvanamalai. Babaji also gives the message not to judge anyone while attempting to be of service to them. Food is one such means that can be offered to anyone without having to even think about being misused and moreover is the sustainer of life. So, feeding is the noblest service one can do to the sadhus and yogis.