Among the healing powers of the Holy Siddhas, the most powerful one was considered to be one directed from the third eye called the Shambhavi Shakti. In the modern times, Father of Indian Healing Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji has pioneered this art and vowed to spread it to all corners of this planet with the aforethought resolve of Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu or May all be happy, peaceful and healthy. The Shambhavi shakti is known to bestow glow of divine radiance on the body of the practitioner, healing the physical and subtle bodies. This sacred meditation is also capable of nullifying various defects or doshas of Vaastu, Bhoomi and Greha. The intensive version of this meditation raises the stakes even higher. Through the intensive Shambhavi healing energy, the souls of those departed in your family can be helped to rise to the higher dimensions. Doing so ushers in a very divine spiritual hierarchy such that even your coming generations will not have to face any misfortune. Moreover, any incident of your past which has left an indelible imprint on your psyche too can be healed. And who doesn’t want healthy relationships with all, completion of projects without hurdles, excellent health and marvellous spiritual growth? Further, if you are already a practitioner of faith healing, you will encounter a massive surge in your healing ability as those who attended the last such shivir will testify to. Yet another very interesting aspect that will be taught includes tapping of solar energy, Life Force energy rivers and other natural creations, through the channels of your subtle body and execute ultra powerful amplification of positive energy at any place, person, incident or jinxed assignment.