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Education is the cornerstone of growth & development of a nation. After all, it is the children who will become future torchbearers of an informed society, a civilised neighbourhood and a progressive country.

Shiv Yog, under the guidance of His Holiness Avdhoot Shivanand ji has been leading a positive change at the grassroots by sponsoring & providing knowledge kits – books, notebooks, bags, stationery, uniforms, sports equipment and other extra curricular support periodically to schools in the remote interiors of rural India and abroad.

Volunteers form groups and carry the materials to the schools, some of which are in such a state of disrepair that they aren’t even recognisable as schools. Then there are schools in such far flung corners, their approach dotted with wild bushes, narrow stretches which would barely count as roads. However notwithstanding any harsh terrain or approach, Shiv Yog volunteers remain committed to the resolve of their Guru – to spread enlightenment in every way possible through selfless service. So regardless of the roughness, Shiv Yogis enhance their toughness and march on, being the foot soldiers of divinity and lovers of humanity, guided by the Shiv Yog Guru.

The smiles and joy on the face of children is a sight to behold and is a hallmark of a mission well accomplished, an effort well done.

Through Shiv Yog’s education empowerment initiative more than a hundred schools in India alone are benefitted annually and literacy has got a huge fillip in rural Indian belts because of the “Shiv Yog Education with Pride” initiative under which all the above charity endeavours are manifested.

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