With air quality in major cities of India rapidly plunging to emergency levels, the need of the hour is environmental consciousness to be awakened, ecological sensitivity increased and concrete action to take shape.
Shiv Yog, under the project Greening Mother Earth has been at the forefront of ushering a welcome change in the natural habitat, alleviating prevailing weather conditions and improving air in the atmosphere. The implementation of measures towards realization of this objective has been undertaken under the guidance Shiv Yog Guru Dr Avdhoot Shivanand ji. The Master is of the view the physical pollution has its root in an unhappy, contaminated human consciousness and therefore the way ahead is to start by refining collective conscience through meditation and detox which Shiv Yog Sadhna shivirs are actively doing.
Whilst the purification of human consciousness continues in the right earnest Shiv Yog Meditation programmes, the Shiv Yog Volunteers have been guided by the Awakened Master in undertaking tree plantation, tree distribution and tree caring drives all around the globe. As part of the sapling distribution drives, children in villages and city folk are given saplings of fruit bearing trees free of cost. This service is being done with the objective that as the children grow up, they will nurture the saplings for them to grow into fruit bearing trees one day. This will not only enhance the air quality, restore natural habitat but also spread happiness when it is time to savour the fruits of these tress upon ripening.


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