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Sharing is caring. Touching lives is making existence purposeful. If any human being can sleep satisfied with adequate nutrition and food going in him and you can be the sponsor of such a fruitful experience, consider yourself most fortunate. Consider yourself as a worthy discipline, setting sail at a rapid pace towards the journey towards infinite, the journey of Shiv Yog.
Shiv Yog Guru Dr Avdhoot Shivanand ji has been at the forefront of service initiatives whereby thousands of beneficiaries are empowered by entitlements such as ration, cereals, staples, pulses, lentils, cooking oil and for some, even the entitlement of free education of their children, courtesy Shiv Yog.
The fundamentals of Shiv Yog state that if you have been born in an empowered setting, it is your spiritual obligation to give back to those who may not be so lucky to enjoy such a blessed existence. Why not turn every existence to be that which is characterised by happiness, gratedulness, strength and empowerment.
When the Guru gives inner strength to his disciple, he makes sure that the disciple learns the lesson of Nishkam Sewa or service without any underlying motivation. Sewa which is done so that the grace expands from strength to strength and the Shakti of the Guru reaches borders beyond the finite to illuminate lives more than just those of the disciples. In other words fulfilment of the motto of Jyot se jyot jagao.
Shiv Yog Guru, his consort Guru Ma and son Acharya Ishan Shivanand ji are committed to the cause of monthly entitlement distribution to the needy. The process works with clockwork precision and goes beyond the Indian terrain, wherever God wishes for the best to be materialised through Shiv Yog.

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