Being worshippers of the Goddess as the Divine Mother, it is an intrinsic quality of every Shiv Yogi to respect every woman, treat her with extra care and give her the due reverence, woman being the creator of life & ought to be regarded as living manifestation of Goddess herself.
Every daughter is a reflection of Goddess Bala Tripursundari, every mother is the manifestation of Goddess Durga, every daughter in law is the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi.
Shiv Yog, through its rich teachings of original Indian culture of reverence to feminine energy, has emerged as a spiritual platform for educating seekers & common man on the virtues of according highest regard for the girl child, respect for the woman as wife and salutations to her as a sister & mother.
The teachings of Shiv Yog have not only been agents of societal change but have enabled women in various fields – farming, medicine, home makers, working professionals to live a life of dignity & independence. One such endeavour aimed at woman empowerment has been feeding the girls from economically backward classes in mass food charity drives where a community kitchens are installed in rural regions & food served from dawn to dusk to women of all age groups & social standings girls, mothers, grand mothers etc.
Shiv Yog Masters Dr Avdhoot Shivanand has been an unconditionally loving & caring Father to all seekers & has been championing women empowerment initiatives as a duty, being a divine guardian to all.


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