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Feeding the hungry is feeding your own consciousness with the goodness of positivity & fulfilment. It isn’t the act of serving a meal which counts as merit per se. It is the satiation felt by the soul of the eater which emits positive emotion & emission to the one who fed him.

At Shiv Yog, Siddh Guru Dr Avdhoot Shivanand ji advises every seeker to undertake the charitable act of serving bhandara to everyone who is hunger stricken. This act has to be unconditional. Meaning, while identifying the beneficiaries, one must not distinguish between one individual & the other on the grounds of religion, region, caste, creed, race & gender. Charity, as every wise men did & suggested, must only be done selflessly, without a motive & without discrimination on finite parameters of human identity.

Shiv Yog is actively involved in sponsoring, organising & distributing food at multiple global locations every month, with some of these hunger appeasement programmes furthered by volunteers, others by the Shiv Yog Masters themselves. This is truly Shiv Yog at its best, an inspirational act for every seeker, at any stage of spiritual evolution.

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