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Consider it a privilege, a blessing of God if you receive 3 full meals without having to worry about them every day. Shiv Yog says, you must offer gratitude for everything that you get in your life. So why not be thankful for the endless supply of food and nutrition? The best way to express this feeling of gratitude is to share the food with those who don’t have this privilege.

Shiv Yog Volunteers led by Guru Ma have championed the cause of the sewa of distributing items of daily need to needy households in as many as 30 countries worldwide. This distribution is done on a monthly basis. Beneficiaries are identified by Shiv Yog grass root volunteers at Guru Ma’s instance and upon finalisation of the plans, she visits them to personally present the items to them. You too must undertake such a sewa to share the joy so that someone can live peacefully, happily, with great contentment because of you.

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