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As the society shifts towards a more nuclear family set up, the value of old parents, grandparents & the elderly is increasingly seen in a diminishing perspective. This has led to in the old being categorised as unwanted, beyond utility & non-contributors. The result of such a mindset has manifested as the sharp surge in the number of old age homes & elderly shelters where the senior citizens are dumped by their wards, thinking them to be a burden, a liability to a home.

Shiv Yog Master Dr Avdhoot Shivanand ji has been at the forefront of reviving the true Indian family values wherein the ancestors were accorded utmost respect, regard & care, considering them to be a part of own family. In fact as a person would grow old, the value brought to life of the younger lot was counted all the more. From the Shiv Yog perspective, caring for the elderly not only rids one of the ancestral debt but also brings about harmony, togetherness and abundance.

The Shiv Yog Guru goes in to say that by serving the elderly we complete the cycle of nature. When we were small, unable to do our chores on our own, we were all left to the care of our parents & grandparents. This is something for which we can never pay them back. However, an effort at reciprocation can be undertaken by administering compassion, care & consideration for the elderly when they need us the most.

Shiv Yog, under the guidance of Guru Ma & Acharya Ishan Shivanand ji have been actively involved in upholding the cause of the elderly by visiting old age homes, contributing their emotions, time, resources & care towards them. They bring goodies, items of daily need, furniture etc for them, bringing a ray of hope for them that there is someone out there who does want them to be happy and explore life with grace, live with dignity & most of all experience unconditional love.

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