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It is one thing to serve your family & quite another to consider the entire world as one big family. However, Shiv Yog Master Dr Avdhoot Shivanand ji belongs to a very different league of humanitarianism. He views individuals as souls on a journey to ascension. The journey must be a joy ride, smooth and clear, he believes. It is therefore that under the aegis of Shiv Yog, every month massive food stalls are erected in rural areas around the world, where morning to evening, food is served like one grand buffet, with cooks serving up non-stop meals and volunteers lovingly distributing them in the plates.

To ensure cleanliness at the spot, it is a special instruction by the Shiv Yog Guru that the area where such food stalls are erected must be thoroughly cleaned before and after the massive gastronomic delight.

Millions around the world are sleeping fulfilled and satiated, in the knowledge that their monthly indulgence and intake is guaranteed by the one who is a Father to them all, loving and caring for them,  without discrimination, without drawing lines of distinction.

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