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Children are the living manifestation of God. Global Humanitarian and Master of Shiv Yog Science Dr Avdhoot Shivanand explains: “Many a times when I am present at a gathering where a feast is lined up, I am offered the food first. However, I am of the view that the food is consecrated not by a saint but by God himself. Why not serve the food to our dear little children first? The joy of a child is the joy of Lord Narayana. So when God is happy, the world will fall in place. That is why I say love your children unconditionally. Care for them. Just give unconditional love. This will conquer all”

Shiv Yog is committed to serve children around the world with sewa activities directed at the Children of God in more than 35 countries including India, Kenya, South Africa, USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore etc. As part of the sewa, children are given goodie bags, food, chocolates, school uniforms, stationery items, books, clothes and education kits.

Love Your Children Unconditionally!

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