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Today, more than anything it’s the human consciousness which needs repair, restoration and resurrection. As compassion dwindles, as the spirit of humanity depletes and as ego centric behaviour rules the collective belief, time is ripe for world transformation through inner transformation.

Families need to be reunited, relationships need to be mended, communities need to be unified, societies need to be reconditioned in acceptance and love, people need to be made more kind and considerate.

In this regard, Shiv Yog, through its mindfulness and meditation programmes the world over has been working on a war footing to bring a positive influence on the society with the introduction and teaching of a plethora of ancient modalities bringing peace and relaxation through Shiv Yog consciousness uplifting meditations, sound therapy, affirmations, yogic movements and breathwork.

As individuals refine their consciousness, they will automatically be inclined towards giving their best towards not only their own family but also their society, their community, their nation and eventually the global clan.

It has also been found that with enhanced awareness of an objective driven life, learnt through Shiv Yog, individuals are ready to volunteer for rescue, relief and support work during national calamities as witnessed during the floods in Rajasthan and Gujarat earlier this year.

Shiv Yog Master Dr Avdhoot Shivanand ji is actively working with healthcare professionals to teach them Shiv Yog Integrative Healthcare modalities using which doctors can help improve the health scenario in the country. Besides, Shiv Yog is also working with armed forces of the nation to empower them with techniques of Shiv Yog Cosmic Rejuvenation. Shiv Yog is also actively teaching farmers Shiv Yog Krishi leading them towards prosperity, greater food output and chemical free production, debt free, disease free and a happy living.

Above all, Shiv Yog is working with all sections and strata of society in every continent to alleviate suffering and elevate life existence in areas demanding contingent response and in ways beyond the tangible and obvious.

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