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A change in worldly actions is the first way to usher in a change in the inner self. What we do consciously has a huge influence on what geminates and grows in our sub conscious. On a tangible level, this means that if we are to develop virtues of kindness and mercy in our hearts, we ought to start performing actions which help us nurture these emotions. The easiest and a sure short way to imbibing such a holistic routine is serving cows.

Shiv Yog Masters Dr Avdhoot Shivanand ji and Acharya Ishan Shivanand ji not only advocate selfless service to nature’s most innocent and life giving creatures – the bovine – but they lead by example through visits to the Shiv Yog Goushalas where they feed with their own hands scores of cows fresh fodder, juicy fruits, vegetables, jaggery, leaves. Not only this, they caress the innocent cattle which in turn make a beeline to bath in the shower of their unconditional love. In Shiv Yog Goushalas, cows are treated no less than God, offered 24/7 grazing opportunities, unlimited fodder supply, water reservoirs, cool climes for them to relax, fodder processing units, first aid assistance, calf rearing units among many other state of the art facilities. Shiv Yohg Goushalas have been nurtured as paradises of nature where animals thrive in an environment of comforts and care which would make them feel most at home

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