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The winter chill in North India can freeze the fittest of people. The cold wave which lasts close to three months can leave those without shelter, proper clothing and adequate protection at the mercy of the extreme weather. The cold is so severe that at its peak it can even snuff out lives.
Shiv Yog, under the compassionate leadership of Guru Ma & holy guidance of Shiv Yog Guru Dr Avdhoot Shivanand ji hold blanket distribution drives every autumn season in India so that those who do not possess the means to afford warm woollens may receive the shield from the biting cold outside.
As part of this charitable exercise, children and the vulnerable section of society such as lactating mothers, the elderly and the differently abled are given thick blankets, woollens and adequate clothing to help save them from the severe weather conditions.
Often, Guru Ma and Acharya Ishan Shivanand ji visit villages & slums & give away the agents of keeping warm in the winter chill.
If that is not possible, Shiv Yog Volunteers call out the backward sections living in the vicinity of the ashram, who receives these winter freebies with compassion, love and care from Guru Ma & Ishan ji themselves

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