ShivYog wishes you a Happy Guru Purnima

Happy Guru Purnima! – 27 July 2018

“A child cannot be born without a father and a mother.
Clothes cannot be washed without water.
There can be no horseman without a horse.
So, without a Master, none can reach the court of the Lord.”
– Kabir

As the Vedas read, “Seek the company of those who seek enlightenment, we are blessed to have an enlightened master Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, a ShivYogi Master of the Ancient Shiv Yog Lineage who spent his whole life uplifting mass consciousness and finally emerging as the cosmic scientist of the modern era, gifting mankind with two powerful tools for longevity and wellbeing – ShivYog Farming and ShivYog Cosmic Medicine.

Guru Purnima falls on the auspicious day of Ashad Purnima. It is a day when we pay obeisance to the Guru – Guru: “remover of darkness.” In our Indian culture, the Guru-shishya parampara is the most revered one. Though a disciple remains indebted and grateful to the mentor every moment, this day makes it more special for the disciple to receive the maximum from the Guru, as this is one of the most auspicious time in the cosmos when the divine energies are at peak, thus making it conducive for the disciple to receive the maximum from the Master.

The first Gurus are our parents and teachers who help us grow, teach us life skills, impart us with knowledge, providing intellectual understanding and enhancing our talent but Guru is the one who re-births you and imparts the wisdom of the lessons of the life, helping one lead to the path of glory and liberation. On a higher spiritual sense, Guru is the one who leads you to the doorway of Self-Realization and freedom.

Guru dispels the knowledge of light, clarity of thoughts, words and action and he exudes compassion and forgiveness. He is the one who eventually guides his students to merges with his higher state of consciousness and bridging him with the Supreme Consciousness. He helps them to meet their own inner light i.e. the God within themselves. When a Guru accepts a disciple, he/she becomes the extended part of the gurus consciousness, they feel the intellect of the coherent relation. Guru is such a powerhouse of divine energies and for connecting to this state of Guru Tatwa or the Guru element, a disciple is not bound by space or time, which makes it even more powerful and easier for a disciple to connect and merge with the Guru’s state of consciousness. No matter where you are if you meditate soulfully you are bound to get his guidance internally. Your inner guidance, which is your inner oneness with him, is ever lasting. He has helped us to realize that we all have that ‘Supreme’ within us – we just need to awaken that with purity of our thoughts and intention. Bhakti or devotion is only through pure thought, intention, sadhna, seva & sankirtan.

The mantra of Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand opens the door of his giving’s – the mantra of ‘Har haal mein Khushi’ and his mission of ‘Lokah samasta sukhino bahavantu’

Dhyaana-Muulam Gurur-Muurtih
Puujaa-Muulam Gurur-Padam |
Mantra-Muulam Gurur-Vaakyam
Mokssa-Muulam Guruur-Krpaa ||

1: The Root of Meditation is the Form of the Guru,
2: The Root of Worship is the Feet of the Guru,
3: The Root of Mantra is the Word of the Guru,
4: The Root of Liberation is the Grace of the Guru.

May Gurus shower of blessings be always with you. Follow the path of your Guru and you shall shine bright – Sat-chit-anand… Stay blissful and blessed always. Have a blessed Guru Purnima.


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    Alok Chaturvedi says

    Registration for Guru Purnima

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    Alok Chaturvedi says

    Guru Purnima Registration for
    27th July 2018

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    Alok Chaturvedi says

    Registration for Guru Purnima event on 27july2018

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      Joybiddya Sorong says

      Dear Friend,

      Namaha Sevaya,

      You can do online registration for Guru Purnima Event . For your convince you can visit on https://sadhak.shivyog.com/guru-purnima-27th-july-2018/ link for registration. And fill-up the online form.
      Hope this will help you.

      Namaha Sevaya,

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    Joybiddya Sorong says

    I already registered for the Guru Purnima Event.. but due to not a member of any forum I am unable to attend Guru Purnima Event today.

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      Akshay Devte says

      But it was a open for all event and process of registration ( creating SY id) is very easy. But you can attend farmers shibir tomorrow and on Sunday along with your relative n friends. This is also open for all.

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      Dhawal says

      Guru Purnima event was open also for non-forum members.

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    Ashok Patel says

    I am far away from Babaji and I need blessing from him so please connect me with Guru Babaji.Namah Shivay

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    Arun Parmar says

    Om namshivay

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    Padma mathur says

    Pranam babaji

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    Premnarayan Rathore says

    Guru ki mahima aparampar hai

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    Sheetal Kamath says

    May my Guru be blessed with infinite divine grace of health , well being and abundance from his Gurus today so that he in turn can continue blessing us and many more generations to come.

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    Dhawal says

    Thank you Namah Shivay!

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    Jugal Kishor says

    Thanks Baba ji
    Namah Shivay

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    दीपक अमरावत says

    नमः शिवाय

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