ShivYog Havans: Purifying the environment

A seeker needs to be a good scientist first. Rather than blindly following or accepting anything, it is good to question, test and verify whatever one is uncertain about. At the same time, a good scientist must also be a good seeker, i.e have a spiritual bent of mind so that he/ she can open his mind to possibilities beyond what is already known and visible.

Avdhoot Shivanand ji, has over the years strongly encouraged the practice of daily Havans i.e Yagyas at home, in the mornings and evenings. He has simplified the method so much, that there are no complicated rituals, elaborate preparations, nor the need to spend lavish amounts of money. As a family you can all spend 20 minutes together and do this everyday.

Over the years, as part of their researches, various scientists from around the world, being fascinated by this sacred Indian ritual, have already been testing the air, the soil and the effect on bacteria, before and after performing such yagyas regularly. They have realised that the smoke after burning havan ingredients (which include medicinal herbs, camphor, fragrant rose petals, dry-fruits, cloves and cow-dung), using cow’s ghee (even without any prayers or chanting) in a closed room, reduced the bacteria by 96%!!

Not only that, it destroyed germs responsible for TB, typhoid and fungus varieties. The plants and trees in the surroundings benefitted from the vapours released and the ashes, when added to the soil, improved the nutrient quality! It also contributed to good timely rains.

There was also a real-life story of two families in Bhopal who regularly conducted Havans in their home and theirs were the only two homes unaffected by the Bhopal gas tragedy.

Imagine how much more powerful a Yagya becomes when the Mahamantra is chanted as your offer the saamagri to the sacred fire?

Imagine the physical, mental and emotional health of you and your loved ones just by doing this simple thing at least once a day?

Imagine the atmosphere and vibrations of your home, your neighbourhood and your country, if all the ShivYogis can bring this practice into their daily lives?

This is one of the best ways of replaying Mother Earth and the environment, in return for what we have received and continue to receive from them in various forms. Also, it is a good learning that whatever we receive, is not ours; whether it is food, wealth or knowledge. So, let’s surrender these to the Creator and seek blessings that our Fire for Learning is never diminished.

Time and again, we realise that our ancients knew much more and were already many light years ahead in their knowledge and understanding of this cosmos. We are only re-learning what we over time have forgotten.

Let us bring the practice of ShivYog Yagyas into our daily lives and receive
manifold benefits and blessings.

To read the full article from the CASE STUDY PAPER FROM 2012 International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Singapore, click here: http://www.ipcbee.com/vol30/017–ICEST2012_N20012.pdf


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    Respected Guruji , we are your devotees by listening you through youtube and we seek your blessings for my daughter who has undergone 13 to 14 major surgeries for joining her intestine which was damaged due to pancreatitis.
    we wish to have one Sri vidya sadhana to meditate on that.please enlighten us and also let us know the procedure to get srividya sadhana yantra for worshipping

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    Thank u babaji namah shivay

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    parampujya babaji
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