Shiv Yog has been providing solutions for complete life transformations through the powerful ancient sacred modalities of the great Indian Yogis of the East. Programs are offered for live experiences in healing of the physical, mental and emotional self through various powerful healing modalities taught in the programs by the Shiv Yogi Healing Sage Avdhoot Shivanand ji and Ishan Shivanand ji.

The programs also include healing of other areas of life like planetary healings, Vastu energy corrections and enhancements, powerful healing through the vibrational healing energies of natural Himalayan crystals, enhancing protection, healing and creating abundance through the powerful ancient scientific tools called yantras, using the hidden potential powers of the beej mantras for healing and karmic releases. Among the higher programs for healing are the sacred Shambhavi healing for healing of subtle karmic imprints of multiple lifetimes from the subtle systems of the human bodies comprising of the chakras, nadis and five subtle bodies. The Shambhavi healing is used for other dimensional healings also like liberating the unascended ancestors through the ascension. Programs are also conducted in helping individuals release their past traumas, negative emotions, habits, phobias and other negative conditionings through the sacred Prati Prasav events conducted by Ishan Shivanand.



Shiv Yog has specially been focusing on uplifting the poor and neglected farmers through various free programs designed for farmer empowerment to heal their crops and cattle.


Shiv Yog wisdom is reaching the masses around the world through the blessings of Shiv Yog Forums. Avail this opportunity to learn higher meditations and wisdom of the ancient yogi masters through weekly Shiv Yog episodes. Be a part of this shower of divine grace, a community of positive people and achievers.



Shiv Yog has taken a massive leap in bringing a breakthrough revolution in the medical healthcare by shifting the focus from symptomatic relief to bringing cure. Doctors are now handling patients with a new ray of hope to the ailing patients. Hundreds of doctors have been empowered in the special training programs.



Millions who have transformed their lives from all areas of life – doctors, patients, celebrities, eminent personalities, farmers, teachers, students, parents, children, Govt. Officials, defense personals, youth – all speak their heart out on


With so many options and opportunities to bring in a complete life transformation, ShivYog makes it possible for you to learn, experience and master the sacred modalities for life transformation.

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