The powers of an Advait Sri Vidya sadhak

So says the Master …

“Whatever you think, materializes into reality. Meaning of Sankalp siddhi is that you achieve everything positive that you want in your life.Whatever changes you want to bring in your life becomes a reality. Vak siddhi means whatever you speak positive turns into a reality. Both these siddhis are meant for those sadhak’s who are pure and positive. Sadhaks who have the intention of Loka samastha sukino bhavantu. This is what I had said that you must have the intention that ‘all good things should happen to me and others as well.’ This win-win attitude should be there. Win-loose attitude might be there of a person who has not entered Shiv Yog path. I win-you lose. You are worthy of Advait Sri Vidya only when you are following the principles of Shiv Yog. The Advait Sri Vidya practitioner can create both kinds of life of bhoga (worldly gifts) or moksha (liberation). Any kind of scarcity gets removed in a person’s life completely. Shiv Yog Advait Sri Vidya is the sadhana that brings prosperity and abundance. This is known by an average human being. It is not only prosperity and abundance, it is the fulfilment which an Advait Sri Vidya sadhak receives. There is a difference between Sri Vidya sadhana and Advait Sri Vidya sadhana. A Sri Vidya sadhak can bring prosperity and happiness, while an Advait Sri Vidya sadhak can bring both prosperity and happiness as well as spiritual growth which will lead him to self-realization. Lucky are those to who are able to receive this sacred initiation of Advait Sri Vidya from the only living guru of Advait Sri Vidya on this planet. You become the center of tremendous positive energy. Even if you are not doing any social service, your presence will do lot of it. Presence of one Advait Sri Vidya sadhak heals many human beings in his vicinityHis mere presence will begin healing animals, insects, plants and trees in that area. In the areas where an Advait Sri Vidya sadhak is living and practicing, the unliberated souls and spirits stuck in the lower dimensions get liberated and go to light just by the mere presence of an Advait Sri Vidya sadhak. Physical beings and astral beings feel blessed living close to an Advait Sri Vidya sadhak. Scriptures say that you should give same level of respect to an Advait Sri Vidya sadhak that you would give to Lord Shiva himself if you would seen him in reality. That is the level of divinity and purity an Advait Sri Vidya emits.”

~ from extracts of an Advait Sri Vidya program



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    Web says


    Only surrender …..

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    satnam singh says

    Very nice imperasive

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    Arvinder kaur says

    Namah shivaya baba ji , baba g i want to become a shivyogi please baba ji aap Jalandhar mein bhi shivir lagaiye ab , please baba ji i want to change my life, bless me baba ji

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    Nathi ram dhiman says

    Your commentNamah Shivaya

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    Nitigna patel says

    Namah Shivay Babaji. Aap Ke Shri CHRNO MEI KOTI KOTI PRANAM, AND KOTI KOTI DHANYAVAD. I LOVE YOU BABAJI N GURUMA. I am in your hand, I don’t know anything about myself. I am holding you hand please let me hold your hand. And take me wherever I am ready to walking on your foot print. Please UPLIFT MY LIFE AND I AM REQUESTING FOR ATMA SHAXATKAR. TAKE ME TO LORD GANESH. I have attended Adhvit Shri Vidhiya Shivir, and I am coming to Bangalore to attend A. Shri Vidhiya. NAMAH SHIVE BABAJI. I LOVE YOU BABAJI, N GURU MAA . I LOVE EVERYBODY UNCONDITIONALLY.

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    sathish says

    how to join the shivyog

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    I regularly listen to the teachings of BABAJI in Youtube and wish to attend a shivir in Kolkatta.I’m extremely eager to attend a shivir in Kolkatta which is near my home town with BABAJI and seek HIS blessings.

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      ShivYog says

      Please Visit shivyogevents.com

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    basant lal agrawal says

    i want join chatarpur shivir april 2017,pls tell me bout this ,how to join/regester this shivir?my cell no 8765871517,my email id is kumarbasant846@gmail.com

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    Vinod Kumar says

    We want to AASHRAM sadhna. How we can that. Thanksgiving our Guru and Guru mandala, ShivayShiva For every mirkal come in my Life Past Future Present Namahshivay.

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    Venkatesh says

    Guruji my dhirgadandavat sakshat pranams to you !!!!! How very well you convey aano bhadr: krtvo yent vishvat:

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    kashyap tiwari says

    thankyou baba ji for every visible and invisible help for humanity

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    Beena Ahuja says

    I have just joined a shivyog forum 2 weeks back. Also got the opportunity to do the live Sri Vidya Shaptashati live. But while doing it, initially I had a problem of reciting it right. I feel very sleepy, can’t sit properly, my legs and back pain severely, concentration is very low. My brain keeps moving in different thoughts and directions. How do I manage this. Though the urge to recite it live with Babaji is very high. This thought is disturbing me of not doing it properly bcos of not sitting properly or making mistakes while reciting and low concentration. Also when I recite the Durga shaptashati, I am quite comfortable, I recite well with full heart and happiness. But I feel very distracted when I recite the Sri Vidya shaptashati live or otherwise also. Pls guide me. Also tell me if moving the legs or feeling sleepy or distracted do me any wrong to my urge of learning the Sri Vidya shaptashati. Also I want to know during the day when should the Sri Vidya Sadhana should be done and when should I do the Durga shaptashati. Thank you. Namah Shivaya

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    Deepak kumar says

    Pls baba ji guide me… And bless me plz do a shiv yog shivr in haridwar ….thanks

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    Deepak kumar says

    Plz Baba ji guide me nd bless me…. Plz do shiv yog shivr in haridwar….. Thanks…..

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